Drug and Alcohol Use Policy

Lake Vista School has zero tolerance for the possession or use of alcohol or drugs at any school related activities or functions or on school property at any time. Therefore any student caught either in possession of or having consumed alcohol or drugs, on or off school property during school hours, or on school property after school hours, will be subject to the following sanctions:

1) The student will be immediately removed from the activity and the parents/guardians will be called to pick up their child.

2) The student will receive an out-of-school suspension of one to three days.

3) The student may be suspended from all school activities and trips for one calendar year (including graduation).

4) The student will be required to meet with the administration and school counselor prior to his/her return to classes.

5) The student will be required to attend follow-up sessions with the school counselor at the discretion of the administrative-counseling team.

6) Involvement of the police may occur at the discretion of the administration/staff.

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