1. Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences Night 2 tonight. Book Fair will be open from 3:30-7:00pm.
  2. Tinkercad Club (Red) – Meeting today at noon in the Imagination Room.
  3. Yearbook Club – Meeting today.

Happy Birthday – Alexa O. (3P) Bennett P. (K1)

Lost & Found

Our Lost & Found will be on display by the office during Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences so please come and look through it and collect your belongings. What is left after this week will be donated to charity. Thank you!


  1. Badminton – Practice Thur, Mar 21 at 7:45am.
  2. Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences start tonight from 3:30-7:00pm. Book fair will be open.
  3. Tinkercad Club (Red) – meet on Thur, Mar 21 at noon in the Imagination Room.
  4. Yearbook Club – meeting on Thur, Mar 21.

Happy Birthday – Harley B. (K1) Jordin A. (5P)


  1. Tinkercad Club (Purple) – Meet today at noon in the Imagination Room.
  2. Plant Club – Meet in the Davinci Room after school today.
  3. Book Fair – Will be open on Wed, Mar 20 & Thur, Mar 21 from 3:30-7:00pm in Prospect Place.

Happy Birthday – Tamseela S. (PK)

Healthy Hunger

If your student(s) would like Jerry’s for lunch on March 28th, please place your order today!

To order and pay for the hot lunches, visit Once on the website, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1:  Register under Students and Parents
Step 2:  Add Student or Students to your account.

Ordering your Meals
Step 1:  View Upcoming Orders
Step 2:  Select the Order Date you would like to order for.
Step 3:  Select menu items.
Step 4:  Pay for Order.

Upcoming Hot Lunches:
Apr 5 – Booster Juice
Apr 12 – Tim Horton’s
Apr 18 – Pizza Hut 
May 3 – Jerry’s
May 10 – Subway
May 16 – Pizza Hut
May 24 – Booster Juice
May 30 – Tim Horton’s


  1. Tinkercad Club (Purple) – Meet on Tuesday at noon in the Imagination Room.
  2. Tinkercad Club (Red) – Meet on Thursday at noon.
  3. Plant Club – Meet in the Davinci room after school on Tuesday.
  4. Badminton – Practice tomorrow at 7:45am.

Happy Birthday – Eli J. (PK) Ryder O. (4M)