The Lake Vista School Community Council is made up of parent, community, and school staff members.

2018/2019 SCC Members – Lake Vista Public School

Member at Large –                      Kristie Harnett

Member at Large –                      Chelsea Baniulis

Member at Large –                      Jenny Leask

Member at Large-                         Jodi Pawliw

1 year term –                                Desirae Munro (Secretary)

1 year term –                                Ashley Elgersma (Chair)

1 year term –                                Tara Leason

1 year term –                                Cindy Goldfinch

2 year term –                                Cara Deobald (Vice Chair)

2 year term –                                Wilma Peterson

2 year term –                                Shay Rodier

2 year term –                               Melissa Zimmer


2017-2018 SCC parent/community members are:

Member at Large-                      Kristie Harnett

Member at Large-                      Tara Duxbury

Member at Large-                      Jenny Leask

2 year term-                                Desirae Munro (Secretary)

2 year term-                                Ashley Elgersma (Chair)

2 year term-                                Tara Leson

2 year term-                               Cindy Goldfinch (Vice Chair)

2 year term-                                Kristen Shoemaker

1 year term-                                Kara Deobald

1 year term-                                Jamie Hein

1 year term-                                Shay Rodier

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