Monday June 21, 2021

Happy First Day of Summer!

We Have One Birthday Today: Happy Birthday To Emmerson G. in 6C

Lake Vista would like to acknowledge that its National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Fun Fact: Did you know that your nose and ears grow your entire life.

Lost and Found, this is the last week of lost and found. If you see something that belongs to your family make sure you have your student pick it up.

Thursday June 17, 2021

Happy Birthday To Brielle P. in 1R

Healthy Hunger Tomorrow is Booster Juice.

Todays Joke of the Day is From Elsa in 1R.

What 2 keys can’t open doors?

A Monkey and a Donkey.

Tuesday June 15, 2021

There were no Birthdays Today at Lake Vista.

Joke of the Day comes from Adilyn in 2C.

What did the left eye say to the right eye?

Just between us, something smells!