Student Drop Off & Pick Up

Thank you to our entire school community for your care and patience when you are picking up or dropping off your student. You are doing a wonderful job of keeping all of our students safe.

There are days when the temperature is so low that the school busses do not run. On those days, please feel free to drop your student off using the bus lane. This will likely speed up the pick-up and drop off process at our school. Please do not do this on the days that the busses run.

Our staff parking lot is located on the east side of the building. Please do not use the staff parking lot as a pick up and drop off spot. It is intended for staff parking only. We appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you once again for keeping the safety of our students as a priority.

Chris Mason, Principal


  1. No Skating today due to no buses.
  2. QSA – Meeting today in the Library.
  3. Healthy Hunger – Tomorrow is Booster Juice.

Happy Birthday – 1st: Tevez E. (4G) 2nd: Brooklyn B. (K1) Hendrix G. (PK) Carson L. (1/2R)