Thursday April 22nd

We have two birthdays today!

Happy Birthday To: Henry K. in 1H and Clara S. in 7M.

Riddle of the Day: What falls in winter but never gets hurt?


Wednesday April 21st

We Have 3 Birthdays Today:

Happy Birthday To: Brooks M. in 3P, Sam M. in 1R and Presley T. in K3.

Healthy Hunger Lunch this Friday is Subway.

Just a friendly reminder for students riding bikes and scooters to please walk them until you are past Ecole Holy Mary School we would hate for any one to get hit and hurt.

Fun Fact of the Day: A Whales heart only beats 9 times in one minute.

Tuesday April 20th

Happy Birthday To: Zachary E. in 7M and Kiefer P. in 3A.

Fun Fact of the Day: A Tarantula Spider can survive for more than 2 years without food.

Monday April 19th

Happy Birthday To: Alaina F. in 4B, Gracie S. in 2R and Jordyn T. in 2R.

Riddle of the Day: What is a Tornado’s favorite game?


Friday April 16th

Happy Birthday To: Saoirse K. in 6C, Riley P. in 5K and Gavin R. in K3

Healthy Hunger Lunch Today is Taco Time.

Fun Fact of the Day: The closest living relative to a T-Rex is a Chicken.