Tobacco and Smoking Policy

This policy pertains to both smoking (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.) and smokeless (snuff, chewing tobacco, etc.) tobacco products. Smoking on school property is now illegal. Persons caught using tobacco products on school property are now subject to legal repercussions.

1) The use of tobacco products must take place off school property. This includes within vehicles located on school property.

2) Students will only take out, light up, smoke, and butt out tobacco/nicotine products off of school property.

3) All tobacco products, matches, and lighters are to be kept out of sight (i.e. in jackets, lockers, backpacks, etc.) while on school property or in the building.

Violations of these guidelines will result in disciplinary action including “in school” and “out of school” suspensions.

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