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MHS-logo-2010Martensville High School is a grade 9 to 12 school in the growing community of Martensville. With an approximate enrolment of 560 students and a combined staff of 45, our school supports student learning in a variety academic and extra-curricular programs. The school is part of the Prairie Spirit School Division family of schools.

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Latest News:

  • MHS Local Scholarships 2020
  • MHS Book Return: Martensville High School has a book drop off bin for students to return school books that will no longer be used for the remainder of the school year, including textbooks, novels, and library books. The book drop off is in place to assist students and their families to avoid replacement fees charged for books that are lost, not returned, and/or damaged. The bin is available Monday – Friday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm daily until the end of the school year. The bin is outside the main entrance of the school (150 Mike Sands Blvd). Due to the Covid-19 safety measures, we ask that the following instructions be followed when dropping off resources: a) For your safety, do not touch this bin or its contents; b) To avoid a missing book fee, place a piece of paper inside the resource clearly stating your first and last name; c) Place the resource in the bin for a staff member to pick up once the collection time is over. If you have any questions, please email the school at mhs@spiritsd.ca.
  • Time Together, Time Apart
  • Resonate: Online (Hosted on Microsoft Teams) For Students Grades 7 – 12 (50 spots available per day to non-PSSD students): Four days of sessions crossing over multiple music genres including: Wind band, recording and music technology, First Nations and indigenous, vocals, guitar, drumming, jazz, fiddle and more. More about Resonate here

    May 27 + 28  #PrairieProud: A Spotlight on the Prairies and a celebration of our amazing musicians featuring guest artists from across the land of living skies.
    June 3 + 4  #LockedDownAndLoud: Join a collection of artists new and old from across the globe for an unforgettable two days of sessions, discussions, and performances. To register, go to the following link  For more information, please contact will.martin@spiritsd.ca
  • MHS Credit Requirements and Course Selection Sheet – February 2020
  • MHS Course Selection Book for 2020-2021
  • PSSD 2020-2021 School Year Calendar
  • First Day Bus Memo and Bell Times for 2019-2020
  • Grade 9 Supply List 2019-20
  • School clothing is available online at entripyshops.com. Just search for Martensville High School on that website.

2019-2020 MHS Student Handbook

Career Safety Education: Saskatchewan becomes the first jurisdiction in North America to offer universal career focused, industry specific safety training, completely free to all youth age 14-21. This includes training in worker rights and responsibilities through the Young Worker Readiness Course (WorkSafe), training in basic chemical safety through WHMIS 2015 (Saskatchewan Safety Council), and a standardized industry designed safety orientation. To find more information you can visit the website: http://www.sasksafety.org/training/youth/career-safety-education                           Video Link: https://youtu.be/kBvNxINxQ7M

PISA information letter

Note to parents of grade 9 students regarding Grade 9 grades: 90 – 100% (4) – Mastery – Demonstrates a deep knowledge and understanding 75 – 89% (3) – Meeting – Demonstrates complete knowledge and understanding 60 – 74% (2) – Approaching – Demonstrates a basic knowledge and understanding 50 – 59% (1) – Beginning – Demonstrates a parietal knowledge and understanding Less than 50% (ME) – Missing evidence – Missing evidence of knowledge and understanding

Note to parents/guardians: Emergency Preparedness Planning In addition to conducing fire and bus evacuation drills, schools need to practice for other kinds of potential emergencies. Two main ones include Lockdowns and Hold and Secures.

Lockdown: Lockdown is defined as the restriction of movement during the time of a potentially serious violent incident. Schools go into lockdown when there is a significant and immediate threat inside or in the direct vicinity of the building. During a lockdown students and staff take secured shelter, lock all classroom doors, and remain quiet.

Hold and Secure: Hold and Secure is for exterior emergency situations not related, but in close proximity, to the school. In this situation, any students outside the building come in. The exterior doors are locked and monitored by staff. Movement may be restricted depending upon the potential threat.  School continues to function normally inside the building.

PSSD Letter to Parents re: Community Threat Assessment and Support Protocol