November 1st – 6th

remembranceI hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend.  We had a blast with the little ones out trick-or-treating…I even shared some candy with the kids!

This week we welcome a couple new team members to the Hepburn School family as Cara Fleischhacker joins us in grade 3 and Joe Dobraski starts Monday working with Cory as our assistant caretaker.  While it is a short week, there is still a lot going on (as usual!)


  • Grade 9 – 12 progress reports are due to the office
  • Grade 11 & 12 gone all day to a career fair in Saskatoon with Meredith and Ryan
  • It’s picture retake time, so if you didn’t say cheese the first time….well you get it


  • Ron & Bruce are gone to ALT today, Kurt is acting principal for the day


  • Sr. boys have volleyball practice after school


  • Our annual Remembrance Day program will be held today
  • 9 – 12 progress reports go home today
  • Bruce & Tania are gone all  day to a division SERT meeting in Warman

Friday:  This is our day in lieu, please make sure students take home any gym clothes to wash and any perishables that may get “funky” during our little break.

The learning link this week comes from a former classmate of mine at the U of S and if I’m not mistaken Sandi had some classes with him as well.  His blog post talks about the possibility of change and it caused me to reflect on the process that we have been going through with Jamie as our LF.  What may have seemed too daunting last year, or even earlier this fall, is now becoming our version of the 4-minute mile (read the blog and you’ll get that reference).  As you read the article think about what it is you’ve wanted to achieve as a member of Hepburn School.  Are your goals reflected in MPSC?  Who do you share your dreams with? What are some of the things holding you back?  Who can help you get past those barriers?  How can you help others?  Feel free to share by commenting below.

As always, create a great week!

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