Why We Are Successful.

Something caught my eye this morning, and it was something that made me think about creativity. My wife had done our weekly grocery run yesterday, and at one of the stores they were giving children pictures of a bunny and eggs to color. The idea is simple, yet cunning at the same time. Spend pennies… Read More Why We Are Successful.

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We had said our goodbyes to dad two years earlier, and had laid him to rest in the old cemetery that stood on a lonely hill south west of Watrous. As part of the grieving process, we knew a visit to the old family farm was something we needed to do, but we also knew… Read More Choices

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What a #Challenge Reveals

There is something neat going around Twitter these days. It’s something straightforward, but revealing in the same vein. It’s the #7BooksILove challenge. Here is how the challenge works; at some point, one of your Twitter friends will invite you to take part in the challenge, and for one week, you are to post a picture… Read More What a #Challenge Reveals

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