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Sowing the Seeds of Learning

It is amazing how much we can learn about our students if we pay attention. Listening to playground conversations or eavesdropping on conversations in class can open a window into what our learners are interested in. But these seeds of… Continue Reading →

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Hidden Treasures

Pre-COVID, actually, pre-children, something my wife loved to do was pop into antique shops to browse around and check out the wares. Pre-COVID is obvious and if you have young kids, you understand why a lot of antique shop browsing… Continue Reading →

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I’m the Dumb Kid. Rethinking Our Roles.

“I’m the dumb kid that cracks jokes from the back of the room”. That was the response after some serious wait time following the question, “what has your role been in math classes in the past?” I asked this to… Continue Reading →

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Is Your Setting Predictable and Safe? Does it Matter?

It’s been a long time, and I mean, a really long time, since I’ve gone to visit my mom. This pandemic has us taking every possible precaution to keep everyone safe, her, me, my wife, my kids, my co-workers and… Continue Reading →

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Our Students are Telling Us A Lot!

If you have watched any cable news or TV interviews since the pandemic changed what we consider ‘normal’, you’ve likely noticed the importance of backdrops, particularly, bookshelves. It’s not so much the shelves themselves, it’s the titles of the books… Continue Reading →

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What Is Your Unintended Impact?

I used to think being a ‘reader’ meant you always had your nose in a book. When asked, I’d always reply that I wasn’t a reader. That’s just how I viewed myself. Now, as I think back to my childhood,… Continue Reading →

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Tough Letters Yield Higher Scores

“Oh no! I got a Q and an X dad.” Last week my daughter Eva and I were playing Scrabble on a quiet Thursday night. She’s fascinated with the game, and loves the challenge of mixing and matching her tiles… Continue Reading →

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Why It’s Important to Know Every Student as a Learner.

My wife is an incredible cook, but I do recall her first attempt at one of my all-time favorite meals; roast beef with mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. It was very early in our marriage, and she had asked what… Continue Reading →

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Leading Peace and Harmony

Recently I had the honor of being invited to share some of my thoughts with a group as they were discussing leadership. It was a wonderful opportunity for me as the questions caused me to think deeply about past and… Continue Reading →

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All The Way To The Moon!

“Mr. M! Mr. M! Can you give us a push?” Supervising elementary students on the playground gives you a lot of opportunities to interact with kids and learn about them in different ways than you might otherwise in the classroom…. Continue Reading →

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