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The Impact Emotions Have on Learning.

When I was ten years old, my father took me to my first professional hockey game. Before that, the only experience I had with live hockey was at the local rinks around Watrous. Watching the men play on…

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The Impact of a Learning Relationship: How Knowing Your Students Helps You Create Rigorous Lessons.

IT’S GAME TIME! Today is Sunday, February 13th, and it’s the big day for American football fans. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! I must admit, I’m not a big fan of the NFL; I have never been. I’m more…

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The Impact of Play: Improve Problem-Solving, Resource Sharing, and Creativity In Your Classroom

MAKE TIME TO PLAY “Fifteen makes two, fifteen more makes four, and a pair means I have six points. How many points do you have, dad?”Eva had been learning how to play cribbage in her grade six math…

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The Impact of Our Mindset: Respecting Our Learners as we Build Risktakers.

I’LL FLIP FIRST I’ve always been fascinated with magnets. I do not remember what grade we were in when we started investigating these, but there are certain things I do recall. I enjoyed sprinkling iron filings on a…

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The Impact of Mistakes: Setting Up Learning Situations Where Kids Can ‘Fail Safely’.

SOMETIMES LEARNING AIN’T PERFECT Our kids love pets! We have a dog, Bella, who the kids adore. Eva, our 11-year-old, has a blue lovebird named Tim. Charlie, our 8-year old, just said farewell to the last of his…

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The Impact of Celebrations: Increasing Student Engagement Through Social Media.

YOU’LL CATCH MORE FLIES WITH HONEY THAN VINEGAR January is a tiring month at school. The morning commutes in darkness and frigid temperatures can sap the energy from even the heartiest Canadians. There have been many things happening…

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