November 23rd to 27th

learning_objectivesCongratulations to Ron and the senior boys volleyball team as they secured a spot in the 2A provincial playoffs coming up this Friday in Gravelbourg.

Last week in Ryan’s ELA class the students were discussing the books they were reading in their Dystopia unit, and while the conversations were all interesting, one stood out above all others.  One student was commenting on how much she “hated” the book she was reading.  She was able to explain, in great detail, what happens in the book, and why she was so upset about it.  The exciting part, from a learning stand point, is where Ryan went next with this.  He started asking deeper questions to allow this student to talk about why she was so passionate about this novel.  In the end it was this discussion, and those probing questions that lead her to understand that what she really had was a love/hate relationship with the novel.  While she loved the novel, she hated how the protagonist made her feel and in the end she finished her group presentation with the line that Ryan had shared with her, “after all, there is a fine line between love and hate”.

I share this story because this week’s focus for our staff meeting is the difference between conferencing and “touching base”.  Ryan could of asked, “how do you like that book” and maybe even asked, “why is that”, but it was the deeper conversation that allowed the real, meaningful learning to occur.  Have a look at the learning links if you have time, and during the week try to stay aware of moments when you could probe for more understanding.

Learning Links:

5 Powerful Questions

Promoting Higher Level Thinking ~ The Goldilocks Zone

And just for a laugh:

Here is what’s on the horizon for this week:


  • Staff meeting (together first 30 then split for final 30+)
  • Jamie is away at an LF pro. dev.
  • Grade 1 – 8 marks due today
  • Auto Attendance goes live today, make sure you are getting your attendance done in a timely fashion


  • Jamie is away at an LF pro. dev. (am only)
  • Cara is at an ILO for the afternoon


  • Eric Fehr & Luke Martens away at Spotlight on Careers activity (all day)
  • Ruth away at an ILO (am only)


  • SRC assembly during period 4 to kick off food drive bingo and discuss the 12 days of Christmas (with a fashion show???).  We will also wish the senior boys luck!
  • Senior PE swimming/scuba trip (leaving at 11:00 will be back at 3:00)


  • Subway lunch
  • 1 – 8 progress reports go home
  • Tell Them From Me survey closes today
  • Ron gone with Sr. Boys V-ball team to provincials

Create a great week!

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