March 7th – 11th

InnovationLooks like we have some warm weather heading our way, at least according to Environment Canada, make sure you bring your rubber boots and splash pants! And if that weather does not make you smile, then hopefully the amazing work by the people of our province does, as once again, Telemiracle was a huge success.  It is amazing to see what people who are engaged and motivated can do, $5.2 million, wow!

What a wonderful feeling in the school last week as the SRC brought our 7 – 12’s together in the name of winter competitions.  There was a buzz in the hallways, either about an erupting snow sculpture, a run-away sled pulled by an uber-competitive administrator, or a beautiful figure skating routine by a student and some guy in a flashy outfit. Regardless of the fact that team Captain America won (whoop, whoop!!!), it was obvious that the students were having a blast.  Hat’s off to the SRC for organizing such a wonderful event.

Now the challenge.  How do we capture that momentum and try our best to keep the kids excited about being at school?  What can you do first thing in the morning to pump up the kids about learning? How can you use recess and dinner time to connect with students you may not have had a chance to yet and see how things are going? What is the last thing you can say to them as they get ready to board the bus or walk home that will make them excited about tomorrow? Remember, we have that power.

In the first learning link, Eddy Zhong talks about creating and how teenagers just need to find that spark to make school meaningful and exciting. What could your students create beyond the typical PowerPoint?

Learning link number 2 is from Kayla Delzer (follow her @TopDogTeaching) who is a big believer in the importance of the classroom environment. She talks about her vision for her room, the steps she took (including the struggles), and where she is now. I know I’ve said this in the past, but I still believe it is not just the furniture that makes the learning environment, it’s the people in the room and the expectations and routines that lead to profound, side by side learning.

In the third learning link, as forwarded by Lori Jeschke in her weekly message, the question is asked by the student, “but how will I learn without grades?” For the past four years this is a subject that has been near and dear to Hepburn School since the leadership of Ruth, Jackie, and Neda Wilson (now at Rosthern High) took the middle years and some high school classes to a place where percentages went the way of the dodo bird. How does the message contained in the blog post resonate with what you are doing in your classes?

The final video I want to post is not directly connected to classroom learning, but I think it’s a terrific example of the things people can do when they are allowed to pursue their passions.  I never thought I’d see a machine like this, and like I posted on Twitter, my life wouldn’t be different without it, but it is a bit better because it I just watched this:

Here’s what’s going on this week:


  • Bruce away (am only), medical appt.
  • Grade 1 – 8 progress reports due
  • Division II basketball hosting Rosthern


  • Bruce & Tania away all day SERT meeting


  • Pizza lunch!
  • Ron away (tentative ~ am only) Admin Planning Meeting
  • Division II basketball travel to Osler


  • Sheppard’s Villa soup and bun lunch ($2 payable to Sandra before noon)


  • Bruce away (personal day)
  • Grade 1 – 8  Progress Reports sent out today

As always, create a great week!!!


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