Herbstblätter unter blauem Himmel bei Sonnenschein

Oh Roughriders….our dear, dear, sad-sack Roughriders, close but it was not to be. Hopefully they can get their revenge next week in the Banjo-bowl. I hope everyone is having a great long weekend, even though it was only two days with students, it was tiring getting back into teacher mode, and I know my voice was a little raspy Friday afternoon.

As I listened to the Riders on the radio, hearing the crowd roar when the team scored, I could not help but think about how amazing teachers are much like those faithful fans. Mosaic Stadium was once again sold out, the fans were not giving up on the team, even in the face of this trying season. Great teachers are like that. We do not give up on kids as they struggle through their low times. We have seen greatness in them, and know that there is potential for great things. Great teachers, like great fans, know there will be hard times, but like many others have said, it is the sour that makes the sweet that much sweeter.

The first learning link I’m including tonight is from Pernille Ripp. Pernille speaks about the world we can create as we start a new school year. Of course there will be times when you think nothing will work, no matter how hard you try, but remember you always have a choice.

The second learning link comes on the heels of a great session I attended on Monday, August 29th in Warman. Meagan Mitchell (@mitchmea) presented a session on using Twitter as a tool for adult learning, discussing how we have the world at our finger tips, allowing us to connect with so many other educators around the world. In the learning link, George Couros (@gcouros) talks about Twitter and it’s potential to develop everyone (students and teachers) into writers. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the usefulness of Twitter in developing literacy.

The final link, while not directly related to teaching, reminds me of what we do on a consistent basis. It is the hours of behind the scenes preparation, collaboration, and trust that makes you able to parachute into the classroom and inspire your students the way you do. Check your volume before watching, some of the wind noise is loud.


Here’s what’s up for this shortened week.

Monday: Labor Day…no school


  • Chris away all day at P3 planning meeting


  • SCC Meeting (5:30 pm)


  • Brenda gone all day to facilitate at New Learning Facilitators in-service
  • Bruce gone (pm only) to athletic directors meeting


  • Jon Yellowlees (superintendent) out to visit Chris & Bruce (tentative, pm only)

Create a great week!


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