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May 1st – 5th

What a tremendous weekend! The weather allowed for the kids and I to get out and explore, playing in the back yard and at a couple of parks in Saskatoon. I had to laugh when I called the kids in for lunch on Saturday and Charlie (3 yrs) hollered back, “we can’t dad, we watching… Read More May 1st – 5th

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April 24th – 28th

In an interview, Jerry Seinfeld, one of my all time favorites, talked about how he crafts a joke, and the importance of figuring out what is going to get his top two laughs. He talked about starting with his second best bit and finishing with his very best, obviously he wanted his audience to walk out… Read More April 24th – 28th

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April 10th – 14th

Where are the warm, wonderful days we wish for? Hopefully Mother Nature has decided to role out the hot, sunny days for our Easter break which is quickly approaching. Even with a couple of sick kids at home I was able to get at some chores that needed doing and was able to catch a… Read More April 10th – 14th

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April 3rd – April 7

The rain and sunshine combined for a beautiful weekend, even if it was a bit windy. I hope you were able to enjoy your time, whether it was starting your spring cleaning or just spending time with your family. We are now into April, which is hard to believe, and are on the way to… Read More April 3rd – April 7

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