What Gifts Will We Receive?

Anticipation. That’s the word that keeps rolling through my thoughts this morning. Anticipation. As I enjoy a cup of coffee and a bagel I look out from the hotel window watching cars roll by, presumably on the way to work. What will their day bring? What will they get to do today? Over my shoulder a table full of people discuss what they are looking forward to on this day. What gifts of learning will come their way today?

This is #CAfLN19. This is the Canadian Assessment for Learning Network conference.

This year, educators from across Canada have gathered in Delta, BC to discuss leading and learning all through the lens of assessment of and for learning. At the heart of everything we will discuss today are the students we have left back home.

This is my first #CAfLN conference, and I am so excited about what I get to learn today. I am anticipating some tremendous speakers who will undoubtedly nudge my thinking and invite me to reflect on the what, how and why of our assessment work. In the mean time, our colleagues and students are back home, knee deep and shoulder to shoulder taking care of the heavy lifting and deep learning. I am excited about the gifts we get to bring back to those people.

I am anticipating…

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