• Spirit Week at Perdue School

    June 12th to 16th will be filled with exciting days at Perdue School.

    Monday, June 12th: Animal Day

    Free lunch (Ham, perogies and Caesar salad) for all students. The booth will be closed.

    Grand re-opening of the library

    Tuesday, June 13th: Teacher vs. student (Students dress as teachers and vice versa)

    Grilled ham and cheese will be available all week as will ice cream bowls ($1/scoop)

    Wednesday, June 14th: Opposite day

    Senior high students will be travelling to Saskatoon for rock climbing and racquet sports

    Thursday, June 15th: Famous Person Day

    Grade 4 band demo and Air Band Competition

    Friday, June 16th: Twin Day

    Also on Saturday, June 17th the grade 12’s will be having their graduation activities at the Complex. The banquet is at 5:30pm and the exercises begin at 7:30pm.


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