The Booth

The booth is now open for the 2023-2024 school year. 


Pizza Pop $2.00

Corn Dog $2.00

Taquitos (Chicken) $3.00 for 4

Grilled Cheese $1.50

Spring Rolls $3.00 for 6

Water $1.00

Iced Tea $1.50

Sunny D $2.50

Vitamin Water $3.00

Sparkling Ice Water $2.50

Chips $1.50

Chocolate Bars $1.50

Gum $1.50

Candy Bag $0.50

Popcorn $1.50

Punch Cards:

· Will be available for purchase on Monday September 18, 2023

· Available only in $20.00 increments

· Punch Cards will be the responsibility of the student/families. Each punch card will come with a plastic pocket and lanyard that goes home with the student each day. It is not to be kept at the school.

· Students are to present their punch card at time of purchase to be punched.