• Aboriginal Day, Awards, Free Lunch and Final Exams

    Perdue School will be celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day a little early by hosting drummers from Duck Lake on Monday, June 17th. (The actual day is Friday, June 21st). Our annual awards afternoon will take place on Tuesday, June 18th at 2pm. Tuesday is also the last day for the booth this school year. The entire school will be celebrating our school goal of reading and writing on Wednesday, June 19th. Also on that day, our booth will be providing a free lunch for everyone at the school. The first high school final exams are on Thursday, June 20th (ELA for grade 10’s and 11’s.) Friday, June 21st brings the math finals for grade 9-11 students. On Monday, June 24th, there is Biology 30, History 10, and Social Studies 9. The last day of exams is Tuesday, June 25th and there is only Environmental Science 20. The K/1’s will be going to Warman and Saskatoon for a field trip on Friday, June 21st.

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