Our Mission Statement

It is the desire of the South Corman Park Staff to create a safe and positive environment for all students. It is our hope that all students will develop skills and attitudes that will help them and others to achieve their maximum potential. It is with these goals in mind that we created the following “MISSION” statement for South Corman Park School.
– students, parents and staff working together as a team
– collaboration with respect to educational programming
– shared leadership among students, staff and parents
– students, staff and parents sharing their learning with others
– promoting citizenship within our local and global communities
– treating everyone with dignity and respect
– fairness, means giving a student what he/she needs, not necessarily giving everyone the same
– providing a safe and positive learning environment
– student centered instruction
– variety of instructional strategies to address individual learning needs
– provision of adequate resources to address needs of students
– high expectations for “quality of work” depending on the student’s capabilities
– providing appropriate adaptations to accommodate students with exceptional needs

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