Ed-ventures is a new program at South Corman Park School that strives to meet curriculum outcomes through enriching out-of-school experiences (educational adventures!).

Last spring, we were excited with the announcement of the addition of grade 7 (in 2022-23) and grade 8 (in 2023-24) to our school. We saw this as an opportunity to create innovative and exciting opportunities and programming for our students, so we created a once-a-week program with our grade 7 students, which incorporated outcomes from the grade 7 PAA (Practical and Applied Arts), Career Ed, Health, and Science. Some outcomes from grade 7 Math, English, and Arts Education were included as well.

Ed-venture day fell on Mondays of each week; students have had the opportunity to plan and undertake out-of-school experiences, such as

  • bike trips
  • snowshoeing
  • skiing
  • tubing
  • curling
  • a field trip to the university
  • open gym nights after school, which included supper and a movie

Students expanded their understanding of home economics by making:

  • homemade pasta
  • cookies
  • lasagna
  • brownies
  • pizza
  • pancakes
  • bread

A couple of home ec highlights of the year were:

  • guest presenter, who taught the students how to make sushi
  • a field trip to Santa Lucia Pizza, where students got hands-on experience with making pizza in an authentic pizza restaurant
  • students appreciated the support of Corman Park Police, who showed up to support the class’ grilled cheese fundraiser (and hung around for a rousing game of UNO!).

Students are looking forward to next year and building on their skills, leadership, and passion for learning!