Homework and Planners:

School Planners

At SCP, each student receives a school planner to use for home and school communication.

Our goal is to work cooperatively with parents to help students build organization, responsibility, independence, and study skills.

Thanks to our SCC for providing school planners at no charge for students!


Throughout the school year, homework activities are sent home that focus on providing:

  • An insight into curriculum and how your child is doing.
  • Review and extra practice for skills that are essential to student success (for example, sight word practice in the early grades).
  • Projects that help students develop a variety of skills, such as problem-solving, creativity, and time management.

As well, homework may come home if:

  • Your child missed some school.
  • Your child needs additional time or help.

Home Reading

The purpose of home reading is to introduce students to varied literature, promote a love of reading, and solidify reading skills. Reading at home with your child helps to improve fluency and comprehension and is a significant predictor of student success.

  • Our kindergarten students are introduced to home reading when they start bringing home library books each kindergarten day.
  • With our home reading program, our grade 1 and 2 students have the opportunity to read “just right” books, based on their reading level, until they are reading above grade level (level M).
  • Students from level M through to grade 8 are encouraged to read for 20 minutes/night. Each class engages in a variety of programs and activities to promote home reading (library books, reading logs, prizes, book talks, etc.). Check in with your child’s teacher about what you can do to support your child’s reading development.

Home Math

Home math focuses on fluency, comprehension, and the application of math concepts.

  • For students in grades K-2, fun ideas will be shared periodically about how families can help math skills develop at home (card games, counting money, board games, etc.).
  • For students in grades 3-8, practice packages/activities will go home on a regular basis. Our goal is to fill any “gaps” in math development, provide opportunities to practice fluency, and give students a chance to experience math in a hands-on and authentic manner.
  • Inspiring your Child to Learn and Love Math (SaskMath).
  • Building Math Success pamphlets (Saskatchewan Ministry of Education).