Classroom Tour

Take a tour of our kindergarten classroom before the school year starts. We are very lucky to have had our classroom renovated over the summer. The flooring, windows, and all of our shelves have been replaced and the space looks clean and fresh. A kindergarten classroom changes and evolves throughout the school year. Our learning and interests will guide how our classroom changes this year.

Safety During Play: Keeping our students safe is our top priority. For safety and ease of cleaning during the Covid Crisis we have removed all soft surfaces and toys that can not be easily cleaned and sanitized. We have created different play centres in the classroom. Students will also be asked to try to maintain physical distancing in the classroom by limiting the number of students in each classroom area to 3 students at most. For the time being we will have the students keep the toys and materials from each area in their respective play area.

We will have all students wash or sanitize their hands before they begin playing. They will also be asked to sanitize their hands before switching to a new play area. Each play centre will also be sanitized after a group leaves a play centre. We will also be using a “pylon system” to alert teachers that a space needs to be cleaned. When a group of students is done using a centre they will place a coloured pylon at the centre. Other students will be asked not to enter that centre until a teacher has cleaned the space and removed the pylon.

Additionally the classroom will be cleaned every evening after the students leave for the day. High touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, will be sanitized throughout the day.

Classroom Library: We have a large and diverse classroom library for the students to choose books from. In order to prevent the spread of germs via the classroom books we have provided each student with a book bin. We will have students choose a selection of 5-10 books every 1-2 weeks to play in their book bins. Students will be able to explore these books during exploration time and quiet reading time. When it is time to exchange books we will leave the books out over the weekend and students will be able to choose new books the next week.

Snacks and Lunch: Students will be assigned a table spot to eat their lunch and snacks. They will have the same spot for about a month and then we will rotate spots so that students may interact with other students. We will have 2 students at each table so that students may maintain physical distancing during meals. Students will also have a place mat (we will make them on the first full day of class) to help them keep their spaces clean.

School Supplies: We have provided each student with their own caddie of arts/crafts material. Each student will have their own markers, pencil crayons, crayons, glue stick, liquid glue, scissors, pencils, and eraser. This will allow students to create art projects and do classwork without having to share materials.