Classroom Tour

Take a tour of our kindergarten classroom before the school year starts. We are very lucky to have had our classroom renovated over the summer. The flooring, windows, and all of our shelves have been replaced and the space looks clean and fresh. A kindergarten classroom changes and evolves throughout the school year. Our learning and interests will guide how our classroom changes this year.

Classroom Library: We have a large and diverse classroom library for the students to choose books from. Students will be able to explore these books during exploration time and quiet reading time.

Snacks and Lunch: Students will be assigned a table spot to eat their lunch and snacks. They will have the same spot for about a month and then we will rotate spots so that students may interact with other students.

School Supplies: Each student’s $30 school supply fees will be used to purchase and replenish our necessary school supplies throughout the year. We will provide each student with their own caddie of arts/crafts materials. Some of our supplies, such as glue, will be shared and others at our tables.