Grade 10 News

Ever wake up one morning and realize that a quarter of the year is already gone? That’s how we’re all feeling right now. At any rate, here’s what the grade 10’s are up to right now – at least, all the things they’ll admit to… Just for fun, I won’t mention the subject that they’re working on for each topic (although, the answers are at the end)… We’ve just finished factoring

and have moved on to exponents and radicals. We’ve watched The Help and are discussing it in the context of racism. We have also been examining the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We’ve been looking at the different elements in the Periodic Table. We’ve been playing Badminton and doing Fitness testing. We have been examining the Fur Trade. We have crafted an amazing meal of Chicken Alfredo and Brownies (served separately). We’ve been using computers for the purposes of drafting. Answers: Math, ELA, Social, Science, Wellness, Wildlife Management, Commercial Cooking, IA.

Special thanks to the grade 10 girls, especially Anita.