Grade 10 News

Well, the grade 10’s are back into it and hard at work! “Challenges” is the theme of the moment in English. In Math they are examining proportional reasoning, taxes and currency exchange. Students are learning about cabinet construction in I.A. and in Home Ec, they’re learning about canning, so they’ll have something to put into those cabinets! Ecosystems, biodiversity, sustainability (and frogs) have been the focus so far in science. In Wellness, there has been a mixed bag of soccer, volleyball, volunteer hours discussions and looking at musculoskeletal systems. And finally, our eager young learners have been given a book full of signs and laws to study in Driver’s Ed, as well as a whole lotta’ pamphlets – so, our sidewalks should be safe for another few weeks yet! Thanks to the grade 10 class for their contributions.