Grade 10 News

Well, final exams for Term 1 are out of the way, and before the textbooks are totally settled in the cupboards, the start of Term 2 has blown by us! Already the 10’s are being challenged in new ways. In English, they’re starting to debate equality and ethics. Math has seen the resurrection of unit conversion, surface area and volume (ohhhh, that dreaded Imperial System!). Social is right in step in English as they examine rights and government. In Wildlife, they’ve just finished watching March of the Penguins. The teachers in the Middle Years hallway are thankful that Commercial Cooking is under way again, especially because this was “test cookie” week. Yum! In IA, the young’uns have started working on their house plans. And finally, the school’s birdie’s have been getting some severe punishment in Wellness as Badminton players take to the courts to serve, swing and smash them at their opponents with great vigor. Have a great February, everybody! (Special thanks to Nicola for her contributions.)