Grade 9 News

Well, according to research, February is everyone’s least favorite month. By everyone, I mean Hank, and by research I mean asking Hank, a few minutes ago, what his least favorite month is. I don’t think Hank is alone, however. It’s cold and dark and the snow piles are only outmatched by the homework piles. Thankfully we have our class and our daily adventures to keep us going until the lionly lambs of March arrive.

School is certainly keeping us

busy. In ELA, we have started a novel called “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah. It’s about child soldiers in the civil war in Sierra Leone. In Social Studies we have looked at the United Nations Millenium Development Goals and we are working on some research, awareness and expression projects. In Health class, we are looking at some of the issues that are affecting teenagers in 2013 and comparing them to the issues of teenagers in dec

ades gone by. Fascinating.

The mighty, majestic universe is the topic of our science classes of late and we’re solving inequalities in Math class. Got

an inequality? We can help.

Well, stay warm, stay safe and feel free to ask us how we are