Grade 10 News

Well, March might have come in like a lion, but it’s starting to show its more lamb-like qualities with this recent bout of warmer weather. It’s always fun (and a little alarming) to watch spring fever set in! The grade 10’s have been having a good month so far, though. Their Quinzee Night for Wildlife Management was a huge success. Badminton is in full swing in Wellness. Math is only somewhat less exciting, as we get deep in to factoring trinomials – I think it might be even more popular than the Ski Trip to Table Mountain was! In ELA, the ten-sies are reading Saul Indian Horse, a novel about a young aboriginal boy who goes to a residential school and then gets drafted into a junior hockey team. In IA, they’re drafting and in Commercial Cooking they’re cooking food. Good food. And finally, in Social, they’re working on a Political Parties assignment. Have a great rest of March!