Grade 9 News

Grade Nine continues to roll on and we continue learning, living and loving. We’ll give you a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to this month. In ELA, we are doing independent book talks. Basically, we read a book of our choice and present it to our classmates. Luckily there are so many good books out there. In Social Studies, we are exploring World Religions and their role in our world’s past, present and future. It’s fascinating. We’ve looked at First Nations Art and Artists and now we are simply replicating examples of some of our favorites. Of course, it goes without saying that our Hat Festival preparations are about to get underway. Health class continues to challenge us as we are having honest and candid discussions about what it’s like to be a teenager in 2014. It’s not easy, but apparently it never has been. The Reproduction system is the name of the game in Science class and Math class lives up to its name by serving us with the latest in math and math related ideas like polynomial equations. Various Games in Phys Ed, cooking in Home Ec, and small engines in IA is filling in the rest. All good stuff.

The annual Grade 9 camping trip is scheduled for June 4,5 and 6, 2014. We’ll be starting our in-class preparations next month and sending information home. Parents, we need lots of parent help, so please see what you can do about coming on the trip with us. The more the merrier.