Grade 6 News

With the school year coming to an end the grade 6’s have been finishing up several items. We are finishing up the novel Tunnels of Time. It was a great book to go along with our trip to Moose Jaw to see the tunnels and tour the city. We were joined by the grade 6’s from Dundurn and had a great time! We completed a unit in math about perimeter and area and are now focusing on patterns and equations. In Science we are wrapping our unit on space and the students have been working very hard on Social Studies projects about quality of life in Canada and other countries around the world. I can’t wait for the presentations on Wednesday. What a great group of students I have been able to finish out the school year with. I wish everyone a safe and fun filled summer with friends and family.

Grade 4 & 5 News

Here it is…. Well, another school year has come and gone! We had a fantastic year together in our class. With our year end trip to Batoche and a few other year end parties we are able to celebrate the successes we had together this school year. I could not be more proud of a group of students and what they accomplished in 10 months. Continue to be thinkers, and never stop asking questions! I look forward to seeing you continue your successes at Hanley School. Have a great summer!!

Grade 2 & 3 News

I can hardly believe summer holidays are almost here! How time flies! The students just participated in the Try-All-Athon last Friday and did so well! I am very proud of them! The grade 2/3’s will be wrapping up their Structures & Materials unit in Science with a birdhouse project. The Grade 2’s have completed all of their Math units and have been reviewing for the past few days. In ELA, the grade 2/3’s worked on an author study with Mrs. Trach, and compiled a book; we have been continuing to work on reading, writing, and comprehension. In Health and Social, we will be wrapping up our units at the end of the week. On Tuesday, June 26th, the grade 2/3’s will be having their year-end party! In the morning we will be going to see the Buffalo at Les’s farm, and then we will be heading to Prosofsky’s for a pool party and bbq! I had an amazing four months with the grade 2/3’s and the staff at Hanley. I hope everyone has a fun- filled summer and best of luck for the 2012/2013 school year! I will miss everyone dearly!

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

I can’t believe our year is already wrapping up! What a fantastic year the K/1 class has had! They have each grown so much in so many ways! I am excited for what is to come for each of them! We are finishing up the year with lots of creative writing and science experiments.

Both groups will complete their geometry unit in the next week and will undergo lots of year end assessments in reading, writing, and math. Our class party is this Friday. A note will go home about that on Wednesday. There will also be information going home about the last day of school. I hope everyone has a relaxing and fun summer! It’s been a pleasure to teach your children this year!

Grade 12 News

The grade 12’s have had an awesome year so far and are ready to wrap things up in this last month. In English we are finishing the novel Brave New World, and about to start Hamlet. In Physics, we just had worked on a Power unit and we  are moving on to Energy. In Biology we are working on Genetics.

Grade 11 News

It is a busy time of year as we continue to work hard and prepare for the end of our grade 11 year. In Chemistry, we just wrote an exam on Chemical Reaction, and participated in Mole Day. In Visual Arts, we are working on our creativity, which is leading into a hat parade. In PAA, we are decorating cakes. In IA, we are building the football shed. In Foundations, we are graphing. In History, we are investigating the battles of WWII and also, working on our independent projects.

Grade 10 News

Hanley, Saskatchewan, home of some of the last free-ranging grade tens in the wild mid-grass prairie region of North America. Come with us as we follow them on an epic journey of education through this somewhat tamed wilderness. On a typical day, your average grade ten stu- dent will rise and slowly make their way to school where they engage in a wide variety of social and educational activities. After some initial snacking and visiting amongst peers, students make their way either to Wildlife Management where they have been learning about chickens (a staple of the grade ten diet), or perhaps to Wellness, where they hone their physical abilities in either archery or track and field. Next, it is on to math, where the deep philosophical meaning of linear equations is revealed. From there, a typical student will go on to learn about cooking and selling food in Commercial Cooking, or per- haps the inner-workings of a housing design project in IA. In Science and History, students learn about covalent bonding among elements of the periodic table, or the French revolution. Finally, in ELA, they have been studying Schindler’s List, and the work that he did saving people in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Join us next month as we follow the grade tens as they enter into the final exam season, where stress and tension abound.

Grade 9 News

Well, we are all abuzz. Our Canoe trip is only 27 days away! It seems like only 180 days ago that we had 207 days to wait. Mr. Graham always says, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” He’s always making up sayings like that. He’s so wise, but he’s no “Renaissance Man”. A Renaissance man is someone who is good at many things from the arts to the sports to the academics.

We’ve wrapped up George Orwell’s Animal Farm and we have started a new novel study on books about the civil war in Sierra Leone, A Long Way Gone and Bite of The Mango. We are doing comparison studies of Canada and Sierra Leone. There is a lot that we take for granted in this land of ours, that’s for sure.

We’re continuing a very thorough unit in Health class about Family Life. Keep it going Mr. Tucker! This is good stuff. Some of you might find this shocking, but we are learning about electricity in science class. Did you know that things like lights and televisions run on electricity? Well, now we know that too! We have been looking forward to our Track meet and working hard preparing for it in Phys. Ed.

In Math we are learning about the amazing world of Circle Geometry. Mr. Herman loves circles and that passion is contagious.

Grade 8 News

In Social Studies we are com- pleting current events and preparation for several small current events quizzes. We are going to be starting the final plan preparations for our year- end trip to Regina. In Physical Education, we have finished Archery and we are doing both  Track and Field and some outdoor games. In Science, we just finished our cardboard boat races in Saskatoon at Harry Bailey Pool. In Health, we are doing a Drugs and Alcohol unit. In Math, we are working on Data and Statistics, while in English we are reading about “Voices from the Holocaust”. In Art, we are starting to research a project on dance. In Industrial Arts, we are working on our wood projects. Finally, in Home Ec., we are starting a unit to sew pajama pants.

Grade 7 News

The year is quickly wrapping up! We are just beginning a unit on poetry in English, a unit on Data and Statistics in math, the Earth and its Resources in Science, and a First Nations unit in Social. We are a busy bunch! By the end of the year we will have worked hard to enough to have earned our year-end trip!

We will continue our fundraising efforts with the Children’s Carnival and Sock Hop on May 18th, from 4:00pm – 7:00 pm. All funds raised from this venture will be used to offset costs for our field trip to Blue Mountain on June 15th. Please come out and support our Grade 7s as they have planned an amazing event. There will be a fish pond, hockey shoot, basketball shoot, cake walk, bowling and bean bag toss. There are prizes for each event. Also, we will welcome Inline Tattoos for the evening. Inline Tattoos will provide airbrushed tattoos for $5.00 each. These tattoos last for days and have brilliant colours! Hotdogs, pop, iced tea, and baking will be available through the concession.

In closing, I am looking forward to winding up the year on a positive note!