Grade 12

Course work has been keep-ing the grade 12s busy in No-vember. As we are half way through semester one, the students are immersed in learning across all subject are-as. The students have been working exceptionally hard in their PAA courses. Mr. Tyndall has the cabinet makers work-ing overtime to complete their projects on time. Miss Smith and the home economics stu-
dents have begun the sew-ing section of the course and will be making hooded sweaters; just in time for winter. In ELA, the stu-dents began reading the non-fiction novel, The Se-cret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson: A True Story of Love and Murder. When the students have completed the book, they will be writing in-depth literary analysis es-
says. In social studies, the students have just finished learning about the Canadi-an Government and Con-federation. In biology, the students have completed their study of cell struc-tures and have moved on to genetics. Mr. Herman and the pre-calculus stu-dents are learning about trig identities.

Grade 12

The grade 12s have excitedly begun their final school year. The students are hard at work across all of their subject areas. In social studies, the students are studying the relationship between traditional first nation societies and early European settlers. The ELA class has been studying texts addressing the Canadian landscape. In biology, the year has begun with a unit on proteins, enzymes, and carbohydrates. The foundations math class has focused on interest rate and rate of return, while the precalc class is learning about transformations.
Even with a busy academic year ahead, the students are enjoying their senior year.

Grade 11

Welcome Back!!! Classes are in full swing. In Foundations 20, we are working on angles and parallel lines. In the new Physical Science 20, we are examining the math components of science such as, scientific notation, significant figures and metric conversion. In Health Science 20, we are studying different health philosophies around the world and the medical ethics behind them. In ELA/History 20, we are studying how the First World War started. Phys. Ed is fun and games!

Grade 10

Welcome back! The weather has been doing a good job convincing us it’s not summer any more, and that’s certainly made the first couple weeks back easier! The grade 10’s are right into the swing of things. They’ve been doing fitness testing and hitting the weight room in Wellness. Math has seen them calculating proportions and cross multiplying, as well as investigating exchange rates. They’ve been deciding on projects and getting wood ordered in IA, and the Commercial Cooking class has already rolled out their first batch of (rather delicious) double chocolate cookies. In ELA, one class is studying poetry while the other class experiences
Macbeth (the Scottish Play). Our young drivers haven’t hit the streets in Driver’s Ed … yet. In science they’re studying ecosystems and human effects on the environment. And in Social, they’re looking at the interdependence of people. Enjoy your week!

Grade 9

The grade nines have been busy juggling school and extracurricular activities! In math, they are learning about square roots and surface area. We are currently working on our first ELA project: Create-a-Script. The students will then get a chance to perform or record and play it in front of the class. They relived their summer activities in Art class while working on their drawing abilities. In Phys. Ed, they are honing their
volleyball skills. In Careers, they are studying the path of entrepreneurs. The students were very excited to start Home Economics and IA as well. Finally, in Science, they are learning about Chemistry!

Grade 8

In Art class, the 8’s are making beautiful art out of simple 1 inch black lines.
Home Ec. we are learning to sew with the machine.
In Science, the unit of study is Cells, Organs, and Tissues.
Social studies is looking specifically at Canadian Culture
and multiculturalism.
In Health students are learning about their own personal skills, traits and characteristics and how they relate to career options.
In PE the students are working on increasing our activity levels, volleyball skills, all the while trying to sneak in those summer/fall activities
outside before the weather turns too cold on us.
Math has students exploring “Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem”.
Meanwhile, in ELA, the students are currently working on their first thematic unit, “On the Edge of Survival”.

Grade 7

And so it begins…wow! It has been a whirlwind of activity around here. We are off to a great start! Our class is currently up to 24 students, with the possibility of adding yet one more student next week. The students have shown themselves to be kind, out-going and hard working so far. I am looking forward to a fabulous year.
Students have begun a unit on science fiction in ELA. In math, we are reviewing some basic skills before moving into a unit on “Patterns and Relations”. Science has the stu-dents exploring world views of European and First Nations people, and how these worldviews influence interactions in ecosystems. In social studies, students have been reviewing mapping skills before moving into their study of “Conflict, Co-operation, and Interdependence”. In health, the class has been investigating personality types and the concept of “Self”.

We are anticipating some exciting things this year. In October, the Grade 7s will be participating in a drumming inservice presented by Boomtown Drums from Regina. The arts program has a music component and what better way to delve into it than with African drumming! It should be a thumping good time! I will send more information as I get things put in place.

Additionally, we are starting to plan for our spring ski/snowboard trip to take place in March. A big thanks goes out to Mr. Anderson for his booking expertise! We will begin fundraising soon. Fundraising allows us to offset student costs for these activities. Please expect a letter home soon, outlining our fundraising ventures.
In closing, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the school: or (306) 544-2511. Thank you all for your support! We are going to have an outstanding year!

Grade 2

Hello! The first couple of weeks back at school have been busy with the kids transitioning into grade two; they are starting to settle in with our classroom routines and are getting the swing of things. Miss Kolach, our new special education teacher, is helping us with math. Math is set up similar to last year, where the grade two’s are split into two groups and will rotate back and forth between Miss Kolach and myself. Our first unit is on patterning. In Language Arts, we are starting our reader’s workshop, focusing on how to read a book and choosing just right books. For writer’s workshop, we are going back to basics on how to make a great sentence. We are also currently working on a nursery rhyme unit. As we are still getting established in our language arts program, I’ve decided to start our spelling program in October as opposed to September. We are also learning about Growth and Changes in Animals for Science, as well as Our Local Community for Social Studies. Feel free to pop by to see what we are learning about or if you have any questions about your child’s progress in school.

Mrs. Romanchuk

Grade 4-5-6

Welcome back!! We are off to a very busy start in the grade 4,5,6 classroom. We are working on a mini unit about maps in Social Studies. In Science the students are learning about habitats and the diversity of living things. In math, the grade 5/6’s started with a unit about patterns. In ELA, we are learning about proper sentences, punctuation, and grammar. The students have been working on a variety of writing assignments as well. We have been learning about blending and shading in art and the results of the projects have been very nice.
Ms. Bishop Moisan and the Grade 4,5,6 class

Grade 1 & 3

The 1&3 class is off and rolling! We have been focusing on building our reading stamina. We are up to 14 minutes already! Both groups have been working on their writing skills. The 1s are being encouraged to sound words out and label their pictures. The 3s are paying attention to their spelling, capitalization, and word usage. In math, both groups are working on patterning. The 3s are exploring forces that repel and attract in science, and the 1s are learning about living things. In social studies, the 1s are learning about different types of families and are thinking about their own families. So far we have drawn family portraits and discussed the jobs each family member has around the house. The 3s are exploring their identity and how they fit into the world.
This will form a basis of comparison as we look at how other people live in different parts of the world. In phys. ed. we are focusing on volleyball skills and cooperative games and in health we are discussing how to get along with others. Students have painted beautiful watercolour selfportraits and created fingerprint fall trees. Don’t for-get to send your family photo!