From The Office

Although we looked around all day on Monday for that slippery Leprechaun, and no matter where we checked or what traps the elementary students had created, we still couldn’t find one of those “green-clad small people” and have resided ourselves to the knowledge that a pot of gold is not in our future this year.

We’re in the later part of March already and I find myself surprised that our long, cold winter is going to be behind us soon. The snow seems to be melting, and our school yard is wet with puddles and mud that won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Please make sure you’re sending your son/daughter to school with the right clothing and footwear to be comfortable on the way here, whether by car, bus or foot, and also that they still have the right jacket and other clothes for the school day. Thank-you.

I want to tell you how proud we are of our Senior Girls Curling team for their great performance and gold medal win at the Curling Provincials we hosted Feb 28-March 1. Thanks also for the support from the community for the event at the hall and the curling rink. It was a well-attended weekend for such cold weather we were getting at that time. Congratulations, girls, on your win!

We’ve had a number of educational and athletic trips this last month with a few more scheduled in the next month. We’ve also got a couple visitors head- ed to our school in the future and we’ve invited the students from Dundurn to join us for those presentations.

I think everyone’s looking ahead to the sunshine and warmer temperatures that will be headed our way soon. The next two nights are Tri- Conferences at Hanley Composite School. Drop in and have a chat with one of your children’s teachers and find out about what’s happening in the classroom, and around the rest of the school. I’m sure the staff would love to update you on our School Goals around Literacy and Numeracy, the upcoming Drama performance, Ski Trips, Knight to Remember, SnowPitch and Bake Sales.

I have another item to raise some awareness for you about a Percussion Quartet called TorQ that will be out to see us on the morning of April 3. Dundurn School will be over to hear them with us and I’ll invite you to drop in as well if you want to listen to this energetic foursome from Toronto as they play their percussion instruments. (For all you non-musical types out there, those are the important instruments that keep the drum/beat/rhythm for the rest of the band/ orchestra to follow) Hope to see you there.

The School Community Council would like me to mention again that we still have a few Community Calendars available at the office for a reasonable $10. I’d also like to make you aware that our Annual General Meeting for the SCC is going to be on May 12th if you’re interested in becoming a member.

That’s all for now. As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Before and After School Program Next Year

We are excited to announce that there will be a Before and After School program offered for the upcoming school year 2014-2015. It will be provided by Bekki Kemp- ton and Molly Speir.

The program will be offered from 7:00 a.m. until school begins and from school dismissal until 5:45 p.m. As this is the start of a new program, we need to assess the level of interest in the community.

We will be hosting an information night on Tuesday, April 29th at 7:00 p.m. in the school library, where we will provide more information about programming and fees.

If you have questions before the information night, please contact us via email at:

Kindergarten News

Happy (almost) Spring to everyone!

It sure is nice to see the snow being replaced by big, tempting puddles! We’ve been busy in K working on Animated Literacy, Readers’ Workshop, numbers in Math, and learning about rainbows!

We tried to catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day but only found treats instead. Maybe next year! The Ks were asked what they would do if they caught a leprechaun. Here are their responses:

  • Bridget: “He’s going to watch TV with me and have some food!”
  • Jordyn: “I’m gonna take his gold and buy My Little Ponies and Equestria Girls!”
  • Avery: “I’m gonna play Bub- blegum with him!”
  • Malikhi: “I’ll take him home and put him in a cage!”
  • Leanne: “I’ll take his gold away!”
  • Taylor: “I would keep him and take all his gold!”
  • Memphis: “I would tickle him so he would show me his gold. Then I would hold his hand.”
  • Maddox: “I would hold his hand.”
  • Delaney: “Keep him for a pet. I would feed him Lucky Charms and gold.”
  • Rhett: “Bring him home in the box and show him to mom. She would say: ahhhh!”
  • Constantine: “I’ll put him in a really nice place. Put him un- der my rainbow and take him home!”
  • Charlotte: “I would keep him in there (trap). I would ask him where his gold is.”
  • Emily: “Keep him and feed him cheese.”
  • Madeleine: “Bring him and play with him. Maybe play ball?”
  • Jessica: “I’m going to look in his eyes and get some gold!”
  • Noemi: “Keep him as a pet. I’ll make a home for him!”
  • Ryker: “Eat him up for supper. Mmm!”
  • Casey: “Release him after I look him in the eye!”
  • Zac: “I’m going to juggle him!”
  • Spencer: “I will eat him. I will cook him in the stove!”

Note to leprechaun: Stay away from Ryker and Spencer!

Feel free to pop in and see us any time!

~The Kindergartens & Mrs. Martineau

Grade 1 & 2 News

Hello Parents!

Another month has passed us by and we are enjoying warmer weather as well as some lovely puddles!

In ELA we are continuing to practice our reading and thinking our during reader’s workshop time. As well, we just finished up our Robert Munsch author study with a Munchy party! Thank you to Ms. Burgess for helping us learn all about Robert Munsch! In Math the Grade 1s are practicing skip counting and the Grade 2s we are working on adding numbers from 1 to 100. Our animal unit is nearly complete in Science and we have enjoyed our time learning about all sorts of animals!

A few exciting things we did this month included a field trip to the Destination Imagination film festival at the Broadway theatre in Saskatoon, leprechaun trap building, cleaning up leprechaun messes in our classroom and other fun St. Patrick’s Day art!

I am looking forward to seeing and meeting some of you during our Parent- Teacher Conferences this week!

Hope to see you all soon!

Janet Adelman

Grade 3 & 4 News

The Grade 3/4 class was surprised to discover the mess that pesky lepre- chaun made over the weekend! He got away, but at least he left us a treat! We’ve had a busy month. Both grades are in the middle of studying fractions in math. We just received letters from our epals in Saskatoon and are busy writing back to them. The students are amazed at how much they have in common with each other! We are studying gravity in Science and will be moving onto learning about sound. Each student is starting an individual writing assignment based on their interests. I am excited to see what they come up with when they are given the freedom to just write! In Reader’s Workshop, students have been retelling stories after reading them in order to gain deeper meaning of the text and to inspire others to read the same book. I look forward to seeing everyone at interviews! Thanks for making adjustments to your schedules to meet with me!

Grade 5 & 6 News

The Grade 5/6 class is busy working on projects in Social Studies and Health. They are learning information about Slavery, Chinese Labourers and Japanese internment in Social Studies. I can’t wait to see their presentations. We are beginning a music unit in Art. We are starting Electricity in Science as soon as our science experiments are complete. We are finishing Flight in ELA. The grade 6’s are currently working on a Decimals unit in Math.

Grade 7 News

It looks as though spring has finally arrived! Academically, we have been exploring the novel, Dust, in ELA, reviewing facts about measurement and decimal operations in math, studying feudalism in social, and looking into mixtures and solutions in science. Whew! We are busy!

We are scheduled to go on our ski trip on March 26. We are having a float sale on Monday, March 17 and a bake sale on Wednesday, March 19. The funds we raise during these events will help to offset the costs associated with our field trip. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to go on our trip with us!

On Wednesday, March 19, and Thursday, March 20, Tri- conferences will be held at the school from 5:00p.m. – 7:30 p.m. If you would like to meet to discuss your child’s progress, please call the office to make an appointment. Tri -conferences are a great time to get together to set goals and to simply touch base with each other. I look forward to seeing you! As always, should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me at the school

Grade 8 News

The Grade 8 class is busy decid- ing on fundraising events that we would like to do for our Regina trip. Mrs. Bain has us signed up for a couple of pizza sales, Prairie Meats, and maybe a float sale.

  • ELA -The class has just begun looking at the novel, The Outsiders.
  • Arts Ed/ Careers – visual representations of our favorite songs
  • Health – finishing the study of the “7 Habits of Effective Teens” – Media messages
  • Math 8.1-We are currently wrapping up our unit on measurement and will have an exam on Wednesday, March 19.
  • Math 8.2 – Working on percent, ratio and proportion – word and number sentences.
  • Science 8 Boys – Studying about the three states of water, the diversity of life in water and the geological processes that create oceans, rivers and lakes.
  • Science 8 Girls- Have been applying their knowledge about cells and using microscopes to learning about tissues of the body.
  • Phys. Ed – Have been playing games while Mr. Cory was away, now into Badminton and fitness testing.
  • Home Ec – Working on Baking Basics – making pancakes, muffins, cookies and more.

Grade 9 News

Grade Nine continues to roll on and we continue learning, living and loving. We’ll give you a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to this month. In ELA, we are doing independent book talks. Basically, we read a book of our choice and present it to our classmates. Luckily there are so many good books out there. In Social Studies, we are exploring World Religions and their role in our world’s past, present and future. It’s fascinating. We’ve looked at First Nations Art and Artists and now we are simply replicating examples of some of our favorites. Of course, it goes without saying that our Hat Festival preparations are about to get underway. Health class continues to challenge us as we are having honest and candid discussions about what it’s like to be a teenager in 2014. It’s not easy, but apparently it never has been. The Reproduction system is the name of the game in Science class and Math class lives up to its name by serving us with the latest in math and math related ideas like polynomial equations. Various Games in Phys Ed, cooking in Home Ec, and small engines in IA is filling in the rest. All good stuff.

The annual Grade 9 camping trip is scheduled for June 4,5 and 6, 2014. We’ll be starting our in-class preparations next month and sending information home. Parents, we need lots of parent help, so please see what you can do about coming on the trip with us. The more the merrier.

Grade 10 News

Well, March might have come in like a lion, but it’s starting to show its more lamb-like qualities with this recent bout of warmer weather. It’s always fun (and a little alarming) to watch spring fever set in! The grade 10’s have been having a good month so far, though. Their Quinzee Night for Wildlife Management was a huge success. Badminton is in full swing in Wellness. Math is only somewhat less exciting, as we get deep in to factoring trinomials – I think it might be even more popular than the Ski Trip to Table Mountain was! In ELA, the ten-sies are reading Saul Indian Horse, a novel about a young aboriginal boy who goes to a residential school and then gets drafted into a junior hockey team. In IA, they’re drafting and in Commercial Cooking they’re cooking food. Good food. And finally, in Social, they’re working on a Political Parties assignment. Have a great rest of March!