Grade 11 News

Grade 11’s are splitting their time between studying for finals and wakeboarding. Not a bad life! Hard to believe we will be going into our grade 12 year. We wish everyone a Warm, Fun and Fantastic Summer! See you all in the new school year!

Grade 10 News

Well, we’re almost at the end of the year! The grade 10’s are hunkering down to study for their final exams in most clas- ses. There’s still some things going on that don’t involve noses pressed deep into textbooks, while pens hastily scrawl notes for later perusal (ok, so mostly they’re just texting each other and googling answers they’re not sure of, watching the odd You Tube clip – finals have changed a bit over the years, I guess…). Anyway, in Social, they’re playing The Game, which involves trying to take over the world, or at least take someone with you, if you go out in a blaze of glory. In IA, they’re working on house wir- ing and the Home Ec class just wrapped up with a delectable meal of ribs! Good luck on finals!

Grade 9 News

Well, the Grade 9 camping trip has come and gone. It was amazing. Thank you to all of the chaperones who came with us. You worked hard and we know this trip cannot happen without you. Thanks also to Harold who drives a bus like no one else. School itself continues to be invigorating even though Spring fever has hit hard. In ELA, we have had some very interesting discussions and worked through some fascinating case studies about people who were faced with incredible choices in Nazi Germany. What is the difference between a child soldier in Sierra Leone and a Hitler Youth member in World War II? Why do we feel so differently about them? Our Sunflower study has really challenged us. In Social Studies we’re learning about globalization. Where in the world would be the best place to build a chocolate bar factory? We based our decision on availability and cost of resources, as well as labour costs and ethical practices. Pretty fascinating. In Health class, we continue talking about Adolescent issues and relationships. Math has us looking and working with the basics of angles, circles and trigonometry. Good stuff. Science has us looking at cells, the building blocks of life. It’s been a great year and we thank all the teachers and staff for making it so. See you next year!

Grade 6 News

The grade 6 class is very ex- cited for summer and looking forward to a wonderful holiday. We had a wonderful trip to Moose Jaw with the grade 6 class from Dundurn. It was fantastic! We have been training for the upcoming triathlon. We have been wrapping up several units in Math, Social, Science, ELA, Health and Art. We are just finishing up the Tunnels of Time book. We have scheduled our year end party for Tuesday June 25. It will be a lot of fun! Have a great summer!

Ms. Bishop Moisan and the Grade 6 class

Grade 4 & 5 News

Year-end already?! Time flies when you’re working hard and having fun! The 4/5s have wrapped up our Cana- dian studies and Simple Ma- chines units and are finishing up novel study final projects – the creativity is inspiring! We’ve had a lot of fun this month and more scheduled: Children’s Festival, Track & Field Day, Class Swimming Party, Try-all-athon and Elementary Spray Park Party keep us playing, as well as working. We are also very grateful to Mrs. Burgess who organized a special trip to the town library so we could get library cards and get started on summer reading. I have had a wonderful time with this class of intelligent, insightful and very witty kids! Life is leading me away from Hanley next year (all the way to Ontario) so I’d like to thank all the students and staff at Hanley School for being so welcoming and supportive. This is truly a wonderful community. Lastly, thanks for being such a great class, Grade 4/5, and good luck in 5/6 – I know you’ll ace it! Have a wonderful summer!

Miss Stefanson

Grade 2 & 3 News

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s the end of June already! Time sure flies when you are having fun! Just a reminder that we will be heading over to CC Pool for our year-end pool party on Tuesday, as well as enjoying some time in the sun at thespray park on Wednesday.

We have had some specials guests in our classroom as my parents brought my daughter out for a visit! My mom, a retired teacher, completed an art project with the kids and did some singing with them. The kids have sure enjoyed our novel study, “Sarah, Plain and Tall”. We are just finishing up the book and then we will watch the movie next week. The kids have also got into a nice routine with our guided reading centers, that we have every morning. They seem to really enjoy rotating through different ELA activities as I read with a small group. The grade three’s just finished a math unit on multiplication, while the grade two’s recently finished our data management unit, where we collected data and made different types of graphs. We have also been learning about Canada in social studies and have been completing different experiments in science, for our motion unit.

Thanks for a wonderful few months back in the classroom! I hope that everyone has a terrific

and fun summer! Mrs. Romanchuk

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

Happy ‘Last Week of Classes’ to everyone!

We are keeping very busy as our school year comes to an end. We have been growing beans in ziploc bags with just paper towels as the “soil”. We have also been enjoying watching our sunflowers grow. Some are getting really tall!

The 1s are finishing up their wacky fairy tales in ELA and are almost done their addition and subtraction unit in Math.

The Ks have been working hard with their Grade 1 buddies to create Alphabet books. It has been fun watching them come up with words and having ‘lightbulb’ moments! We are about to do a quick study of Canadian coins before the end of the year. Be sure to quiz us on them over the summer!

We are going swimming at CC Pool on Monday, June 24 at 11AM. The swim will be followed by a BBQ. More details will be sent home soon!

Wishing you all a VERY happy and safe summer!

Hanley Saber Football Update

On the May long weekend, 6 members of the Hanley Saber Football team took part in the Football Sask. Senior Bowl which is a showcase for the top graduating football players in the province. Alexander Mann, Steven Sira, Levi Lenius, and Josh Anderson along with Coaches Kirk and Anderson were part of the North 6-man Team. This was the first time that the Senior Bowl included 6, 9, and 12 man games and the new format was a huge success. In the 6-man game, the North team defeated the South 36-9 in the game that was held on Taylor Field in Regina. Steven Sira led the way on defense, shutting down the opposition after their first and only touchdown. Levi Lenius had a huge first down reception that helped get the offense in gear as well as hauling in a 54 yd pass for a touchdown. Alexander Mann played a strong game and chipped in with 6 points on converts. Quarterback Josh Anderson earning MVP honours throwing for 302 yds and 4 touchdowns.

Five younger members of the Saber Football club put their talents on display on May 26th in the Football Saskatchewan Roughrider Bowl held at Griffith’s Stadium on the U of S campus.. Reid Ashdown, Damon Prystupa, Kody Rowlett, Kirk Simonsen and Michael Lohrey were selected to participate based on their strong performances at an identification camp held in Outlook earlier in the summer. From this camp and others held around Saskatchewan, the top 100 players were selected from all the players trying out and were brought to Saskatoon to train and compete. After participating in practices on Friday and Saturday, the players were drafted into two squads that played in a controlled scrimmage on Sunday. All of the Saber players had strong games highlighted by Kody Rowlett and Damon Prystupa being invited to try out for the U18 Team Saskatchewan squad.

Finally, two of our graduating players will be competing on July 6th in Outlook in the Can Am bowl. This competition is between a Saskatchewan 6-man all-star team and an American squad of six-man football players. Based on their performances in the Senior Bowl, Steven Sira (linebacker) and Josh Anderson (quarterback) were selected to be on this team. Joining them will be Coach Kirk and Anderson who will be running the Team Canada offense.

From the Office

It’s amazing that we’re looking back at more than eighty percent of the school year behind us and only a month and a half until the end of June. I look ahead at the field trips, special days and big events we have scheduled and know that there are so many more good experiences for students ahead before their summer starts.

I know that a number of you might have some questions about how the calendar is going to affect our school day next year. There have been some changes made by the Ministry of Education which I’ll try to summarize. The Ministry has decided that students need to start their school year after Labour Day in September and end before July. There need to be 950 hours of instructional time within those dates. Schools and families both agreed that it was important to continue to have a break in February and in spring. There also were contract issues with prep time for teachers to be included into the discussions. Next year’s calendar takes all those points into consideration but in so doing, our school day time will be increased by 9 minutes. Those 9 minutes will be added to our day by starting our first period in the morning at 8:55am and our last period will run until 3:04pm. Our morning recess and noon hour times will stay the same. We will no longer have early dismissal Thursdays for an hour of teacher preparation time. Those hours will be moved to full days during the year and the other teacher professional development days have been left off the calendar which will give us more time in the classroom.

Please be aware of the class trips as they are planned and keep an eye out for permission forms and due dates for any trip fees as they come up.

Our School Community Council will be looking for volunteers for the K-6 PlayDay/Track & Field day on June 10 to help around the concession cooking hotdogs and selling lunch. Please look for the note and lunch order form coming home next week.

Kindergarten orientation is scheduled for June 7. We look forward to our meeting our future Hanley Sabers as they and their parents come to school to get a look at Kindergarten for next year.

The June Final Exam schedule is included in the newsletter and on the website and should give some focus for our high school students to start studying. Good luck students on a strong end to another good year.

The last item I’ll add this month is a congratulations to all of our Grade 12 students who will be at our graduation proceedings next month before our last newsletter for the year. I sat with a grade 12 student today and reminded them that the end of the year will be the start of something new and that’s something to be excited about. Good luck to each of you and keep working hard for the next six weeks!

That’s all for now. As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call. Talk to you soon.

SRC News

Spring has sprung, and the SRC is feeling festive. We transitioned from spirit week to the successful spring fling dance. It was a great way to wrap up this year’s high school dances. The SRC is looking to squeeze a few more events in before the school year ends. We’re looking to engage younger students, so keep your eyes peeled for posters; as for the seniors, good luck with finals!