Grade 4-6

The grade 4,5,6 class is very busy working on many items. We are almost finished the book, Pay it Forward. This has spurred some very good class discussions and I have read some very good responses. We have started a new unit about messages and how we communicate. We are almost finished our unit about the Solar System. We will be having a short quiz closer to the end of the unit. Ms. Bishop Moisan and the grade 4,5,6 class

Grade 7

Well October has certainly arrived with bluster and chill! Hopefully it warms up again and the kids can have a great Halloween. The students have been very busy in all of their classes. Students are wrapping up their exploration of science fiction in ELA, and will begin a novel study of Arthur Slade’s book, Dust. We are venturing into our math unit on “Patterns and Relations”. Currently, we will be tackling the variable! In social studies we will be studying “Conflict, Cooperation, and Interdependence”. The class is wrapping up their first science unit of the year. Tri-conferences are being held on October 18 and 19. I look forward to meeting with the students and their parents/guardians. I hope you  can make it out. In closing, please feel free to contact me at school should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.

Grade 8

It has been a busy month around the school with all of the extra-curricular activities that are going on! We have been working hard in our classes as well. We have been studying the novel, The Outsiders, in ELA. In math, we just wrapped up our unit on square roots and the Pythagorean theorem. We are moving on to integers. In Home Ec. we are starting a baking basics unit and are spending time learning about the function of different ingredients. In Industrial Arts, we are busy learning about computer aided design. In Science, we are researching body systems and in Social we are continuing the discussion about culture, multiculturalism and immigration. We are talking about opportunities for bright futures in Career Ed and in Phys. Ed we are learning about football and practicing different skills. We are looking forward to all of the upcoming events happening around the school!

Grade 9

The Grade 9 class has continued to be busy throughout the month of October. In ELA they have just completed writing and acting out their own scripts and have now started on speeches. In Social, they have been researching the effects of the European settlers on the FNMI people of Canada and are now moving onto constructing their own worldviews. Career Ed. has the class learning about various career paths through university and technical institutes. The students have just finished up a volleyball unit in Phys. Ed. and will soon begin fitness testing. Math is currently all about powers and numbers. The students continue to enjoy shop class where they have been busy with welding and small engines. The other half of the class has just started an egg and breakfast unit in Home Ec. That’s it for the month of October in the Grade 9 class of Hanley Composite School!

Grade 10

Well, the Grade 10’s have been working hard and getting tons done so far this year. In ELA, they’ve already finished the novel Indian Horse and written reviews on it, and are now researching and writing essays on historical figures. In Math they’re studying hard for their exam on earning a living, and more importantly, how much of the money they earn goes towards deductions like income tax and CPP. In IA, cabinet construction is well under way. In Home Ec they’ve been working on knife skills. Science has them studying population growth and the limiting factors that different environments put on growth. In Wellness they’ve been doing daily runs, as well as physical activity games like dodgeball. And in Drivers’ Ed, they’ve finished up their sign tests. Which means they’ll be driving soon – scarily, just in time for Hallowe’en!! Have a great month!

Grade 11

Wow, it looks like winter is upon us…way to early! Currently in our classes:  English/History 20: currently studying trench warfare during the First World War. Remembrance Day programming will be next on the agenda. Physical Science 20: Waves Unit Exam this week and then starting reflection and refraction. Health Science 20: learning about different body systems with our first focus being on the skeletal, muscular, and integumentary systems. Environmental Science 20: we are studying aquatic systems and the pollutants that affect it. Foundations 20: proving and applying sine and cosine laws for obtuse triangles. Phys. Ed. 20: learning the fundamentals of basketball. Psychology 20: examining biological influences on psychology. Robotics 20: working on making reaction time testers with their robots.

Grade 12

Greetings from the Grade 12 Homeroom! The students of the Hanley grade 12 class continue working hard in their classes. In Social Studies 30, the grade 12s have finished the first unit on European colonization of Canada. We have just started the second unit on the forces of Confederation and Canadian government. In ELA 30, the students continue a Canadian Landscapes unit. We are studying texts and writing literature analysis essays. Ms. Prakash and the Chemistry 30 students are studying material science and intramolecular forces. Mr. Tyndall and the students in Construction 30 are beginning to construct their projects for the semester.

Welcome Back

We’re looking forward to another wonderful year at Hanley Composite School. Staff started on August 29 and are preparing for their first day with students on Thursday. We’re especially looking forward to our new faces from Hanley, Dundurn and other schools. Please contact the school with any questions or concerns you may have including course selections and specific choices for career paths for high school students. We are introducing a school wide reading time in the mornings every day this year to encourage further reading progress in every student. Studies show the dedicated time over the years of practice is a huge promoter of literacy improvement. Sports teams have either started practicing or will the first week back. Please look for any emails from school to start the year off knowing whats happening – and on that note make sure you update the office with any changes to your email addresses or cell phone/home phone numbers.
I look forward to hearing from you. As I always leave with, Mr Anderson and I would love to talk to you – drop in sometime for a visit. Call if that’s easier. Email if you’d rather type it. We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer. See you soon.
PS please remember that we are a Nut Aware school – please don’t send food containing nut products or made in those facilities to our school. Thank you.
Chris Tucker

2016 Hanley Graduation Live Stream

We are once again planning to broadcast the ceremonies for those who aren’t able to attend. Tune in on Friday evening at 7pm to view the stream of the 2016 Hanley Graduation Ceremonies on the uStream website

June 7 2016 update by Mr.Tucker: We are having some technical issues setting up the broadcast and testing it, but we will continue to work on the connection as the week progresses.

June 7 2016 update by Mr. Tucker: The most reliable feed for the broadcast is by first downloading the uStream app onto your smartphone or tablet or iPad, etc. Then click on the above link and choose the uStream app to watch the video. Running the video through a laptop or desktop doesn’t seem as reliable.

From the Office

With our early spring break for Easter back at the end of March, it’s going to feel a bit like a long stretch ahead for all of us here to reach the end of June. Students are in the midst of the semester two courses and I’m sure you’re aware that the grade 7-12 report cards are coming home this week. The last set of Parent Teacher Student Tri-Conferences were also in March, so if you have any concerns or questions on what you find in the report card, please contact the school and the specific teachers to find your answers.

Our School Community Council meets at the start of next month on May 2 to hold our annual meeting. We’d encourage any parent who’d like to be part of the council to contact the school and ask me or Mr. Anderson about the role they play in supporting our school goals. Any of the council members would also fill you in on the workings of the School Community Council.

Last week we celebrated our balcony construction being finished with some intramural shirts being handed out to the grade 7-12 students and a picture of them in their red, black and white colours on the balcony. A game of beach volleyball at noon against the All Star seniors took place as well.

Congratulations to Mrs. Griffin and our Drama club on their play, Dust, and their successful performance at Regionals. An encore performance on May 4 is scheduled here at the school again, the day before they perform at Provincial competition in Regina.

Our badminton season here at Hanley continues this month, with junior playoffs taking place Tuesday, May 3rd and then winners moving on to that Thursday and Saturday. Senior playoffs will start in Clavet Wednesday April 27th. Mr. Block is working with the larger group of players this year and it’s been nice to see so many kids out working on improving their game. Great job everyone!!

Track practices sound like they’ll start earlier this year with the week of April 18th since the field and rest of the yard have been drying up so much this spring. Practices are after school and Mrs. Koroll is organizing what looks like a large group of athletes.

I looked back at our April newsletter from last year and read that I was letting you know then about some future construction that would happen in the school, both in the halls and the balcony after that. I’m happy to say that it appears we’re finally through that last part of our renovations, and the whole school is back in use. We’re going to hold a BBQ burger lunch at noon on Thursday April 21 for the students and staff, and if you want to drop by for a walk around the school to see what updates and fixes have happened over the last two years, the school will be open for that.

That’s all for now. As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Chris Tucker Principal Hanley School