Dec.2023 Skating times:

Hello HBE families:

It may not look like it, but Christmas break is just around the corner. I am looking forward to the holiday with family and friends and hopefully some snow.

I have a few items of note for you mainly about facility use. These items may not be relevant to you unless you want to use the Warman Home Centre Communiplex or are interested in Skating times.


  • Starting next week PSSD HBE has booked skating at the WHCC (formerly the Legends Centre) at 701 Centennial Blvd, Warman. The facility is very busy so finding a consistent time was tricky. The best time to provide consistency for HBE families is Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9am-11am. This is also “family skating “time so other families may be there. Since your child is a registered PSSD student they will not be required to pay the skating fee or the parents/teacher that is there to supervise them. If you wish to include non-registered PSSD students e.g. children under 5, there is a charge of $4.25 to skate. There will be no charge for Home based students but please stop at the front desk and let them know you are with the PSSD HBE as they like to track their usage numbers.

Please note: This is skating time, not shinny or hockey time so sticks and boots are not allowed on the ice.

  • Skating rules:
  • CSA-approved helmet must be worn
  • Select activities that are appropriate to the skill level of the students.  Use of “crack-the whip” type of games prohibited.
  •   Provide ice space for beginning skaters separate from accomplished skaters until beginners master basic skills.
  •   Make students aware of the need for extra caution and control on the ice including common procedures such as skating in the same direction during a free skate.
  • As with all the HBE activities that are booked through Prairie Spirit School Division, home-based parents are expected to be in attendance, supervising their own children and following the policies.  
  • Please connect with me if you are unclear about the policies or have any questions about the information. 

Gym time at the Warman Home Centre Communiplex (WHCC)

I had a positive discussion with the WHCC facility recreation & Community Events Supervisors this week. There has been some concern about following the facilities rules during gym times. Thank you to those of you that are following and respecting the opportunity to use this facility.

The two main concerns are:

  1. Supervision and participation:    Students that are not registered with the PSSD may not participate in the HBE gym time. The PSSD school division has a shared use agreement in place with the City of Warman for use of the WHCC for PSSD students, that is why we are allowed to use it at no cost. Parents are required to actively supervise their registered HBE children while at the facilities.
  •  Proper use of sports equipment. Moving forward we will have only have access to the WHCC nets for game play (volleyball, badminton, hockey, b-ball) as well as the floor hockey sticks and soft pucks but not the other WHCC owned equipment. We are allowed to bring our own basketballs, volleyballs, skipping ropes or other approved sports equipment for use in the gym.

Please stop at the front desk and let the receptionist know that you are registered with Prairie Spirit School Division Home based education.  

The WHCC sets the facilities rules, and it is an expectation that they be followed.

Rules and regulations:

Parents are required to actively supervise their registered children while at the facilities.

indoor shoes are required.

no food or glass bottles

 no smoking, vaping or use of profanity or abusive language there is zero tolerance for threats, inappropriate and violent behaviour.

I hope that you enjoy the skating and gym times, and I will try and pop over to the WHCC and the MAP to say hello before the holiday break.

Thank you,

 Lorraine Fitzgerald, HBE facilitator

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