June Home based update

Hello HBE families:

We want to wish everyone a safe and fun summer. The HBE office will be closed as of July 1st till August 25th. If you want to email your 2023-24 registration forms in please do so. They are due by Sept. 15th, 2023 but anytime prior is preferable.. Please do not do the online registration unless you are registering a new, never been registered in a SK school before student. i.e.(Kindergarten students and new to the province students). 

I have attached the required forms for students between the ages of 5-18.to be registered. The direct deposit form is only needed if you changed banking information or did not previously receive your funding by direct deposit. The forms are also available at : https://www.spiritsd.ca/parents/#2

Please carefully fill out the forms in pen,not pencil. If you send them all in one email or mail them in all at once it is much easier for me to keep track of. Please do not reply directly to this email but use either:

  lorraine.fitzgerald@spiritsd.ca           or  homebasededucation@spiritsd.ca

Enjoy the summer !

Lorraine Fitzgerald: HBE Facilitator

 Kim Cooper: HBE Special Education 

Bruce Mellesmoen: HBE coordinator

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