Counselling Services

  • Hepburn School has a counsellor who is available to support students around a variety of needs. School based counselling, in most situations, is short term counselling focused on issues that impact students during their school day. When the needs of students are deemed to require long-term counselling, or involve issues not impacting the student at school, counsellors work with the students and their families to access community mental health services.
  • School counselling is a confidential service. Referrals may be made by parents, teachers, administrators, or by students themselves. After three counselling sessions with a student has occurred within a school year, the counsellor is required to fill out a Referral for Intervention and submit this to the division office. This referral includes signed parental consent for students under 15. Student 15 and over may sign their own referral consent, however it is a common practice within PSSD for counsellors to obtain parental consent when possible for these students as well.
  • For more information contact the school at 947-2077