After a long one last week, we are looking at a three day week coming up. Of course this does not mean it will not be a busy three days, our time is always in demand. I hope you have all been enjoying your books that you selected for our book club, I know I’m enjoying Mindset by Carol Dweck as it is causing me to reflect quite a bit on what I have believed about my own potential and how I can fall prey to a fixed mindset.

Grade 12 Drama Class.

Karaoke in the grade 12 drama class. Lot’s of engagement in there!

This week we are very fortunate to be hosting 7 other administrators. On Tuesday, admin teams from Osler, Stobart, and Dundurn will be spending the morning with us. While they are here they will be spending some time in Blaine and Shantel’s rooms, as well as observing Glen in the shop and Trace in the gym. It should be an exciting time, so when you see a large group of principals and vice principals roaming the hallways don’t be surprised and please feel free to stop and chat.

As I think about the purpose of the admin visits I can’t help but think of the importance of feedback, not only at the administrative level, but at all levels. How are you doing with giving feedback to students? Is it timely? Does it inform their next steps? How are we (Chris & I) doing with giving you feedback? Is it timely? Does it inform your next steps? In learning link one the discussion focuses on peer critiquing, and shows this taking place in a variety of settings. How do you see this working in your room?

The second learning link is from Pernille Ripp’s tremendous blog. In this post she talks about the emotions that can, at times, over take us. In a very open, revealing blog post she recounts a situation where she reads to her students only to be overcome with emotion. I think it is important that our students see us as human, as people with empathy, as people who are more than just teachers. In the end it comes down to relationships, how we build them and how we maintain them. As you read, think about ways you are building authentic learning relationships with your students…oh, and if you are like me you may want to grab a tissue or two.

Here is what lies ahead for this abbreviated school week:


  • staff meeting (pm) ~ focus is on our books


  • Bruce & Chris at ALT all day (am: school admin visits, pm: in Warman)


  • Remembrance Day ceremony ~ classes will be called down to gym
  • please ask students to complete a locker clean up today


  • Day in lieu


  • No School

As always, create a great week!

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