Jan. 30 – Feb. 3rd

So I am typing this post from my office as my home access to the PSSD blogs has not been working for a couple weeks. I’m sitting alone in my office, Chris has said his goodbyes, and it is a very surreal moment. I knew this day was coming, but now that it’s here, the reality is kicking in. It goes without saying that Chris was and will continue to be an amazing leader. His love for the students and staff was evident everyday through everything he said, and everything he did. He brought a love of learning to the school and has had a tremendous impact on the work we have done as a staff this year, and the work you had done prior to my arrival at Waldheim School. I will miss Chris greatly. He will continue to serve as a mentor to me, and will be someone I keep on speed-dial for those moments when I need someone to ask for support and guidance.

But saying goodbye sometimes means we get to say hello! We are so fortunate to have David, Shantel, and Evan joining our team next week, they are going to add so much to our already terrific programming here. David is very excited to learn along side everyone, and you can expect to see him in classrooms on a regular basis. Evan is also overjoyed with his new opportunity. It will be a great chance for him to see our students in a different light, no longer a sub, but as a classroom teacher. He will be working alongside Leah, Danielle, and Trace to help support their math programs. Shantel has already demonstrated a deep commitment to learning alongside her students, and I’m very confident this will continue in grade 3.

As semester one comes to a close and new beginnings start on Tuesday, what are somethings you are looking forward to? When you reflect on the first half of the year, what you really proud of? What would you like to have a do over at? Very soon we will need to have a conversation on technology in our school as we need to continue upgrading the devices we have here. If you can, take a look at theĀ learning link included and start thinking about ways you can use technology in your class in a way that allows you to not only augment your teaching, but allows you to try things that are otherwise impossible without technology.

Here’s what lies ahead this week:


Prep day

Tuesday (day 4):

First day of semester two


Business as usual


Groundhog Day!


Wood turning in-service hosted by Glen

As always, create a great week!

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