June 12 – 16

What a great weekend, the weather wasn’t perfect, but there was a lot of opportunities  to get out and about and enjoy a June weekend. We had an action packed weekend, as Krista, who is a Guides Leader, took Eva to Redberry for an overnight camping trip with the rest of Eva’s troop. Judging from an exhausted six year old’s report, it sounds like it was the, “best time ever!” She talked about the fun activities they took part in, and even went so far as to celebrate the fact that she was allowed to wash and dry her own dishes, I wonder how long that will last. This meant that Bobby, Charlie, Maggie, and I were fending for ourselves, and we had a blast at my niece and nephew’s family and friend grad celebration. I found it so interesting that we were celebrating 12 years of education for my sister’s twin children just as my twins are getting ready to begin their journey. All in all, it was a wonderful, but very tiring weekend.

We are certainly in the home stretch now as the 10 – 12’s have 9 days of classes left, while the other students have 13 days, and we all know the days will fly by. We also know that this time of year can be very trying for all of the learners in the building, and at times it can feel like we are just holding on by the thinnest of threads. Larry Ferlazo talks about this in his article, Finishing the School Year Strongwhich is an interesting read with some great ideas. He discusses the idea of finishing strong, offering these two suggestions;

Students can reflect on these two questions, turning their answers into posters that can be hung around the classroom as reminders and shared with each other:

  • What are three things you can do to help finish the school year strong academically?
  • What is one thing you can do to help your classmates finish the year strong academically?

As you think about where you are with your course loads, what needs to be done to finish strong, while maintaining that critical relationship with the students? We know it’s not easy, but how can you make everyday count from here on in? While you do this, I sincerely hope you find joy and happiness in every moment with your students.

Here’s what lies ahead this week:


Grade 5/6 off to Camp Kadesh


Grade 5/6 return from camping trip


High school ball tournament


Bruce away all day at daughter’s field trip to Pike Lake


K1, 2/3, and 5/6 swimming in Rosthern


As always, create a great week!

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