Thanks Mom! May 14 – 18

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, hopefully you enjoy your day. It was another great weekend here, spending as much time as we could out in the yard. I was excited to set up our new smoker BBQ yesterday, and will be even more excited to try it tonight. Before that there are several household duties that need to be done, and a trip to mom’s house, one of the kids favorite things to do (they sure love their grandma!). As I’m writing this today, I’m listening to my wife help my 7-year old, Eva, through the process of making a cheesecake. The cute thing is, it’s a Mother’s Day cheesecake, which makes me wonder if I should be the one helping, not just enjoying the results.

Mom (plaid vest) and her siblings.

Today has me reflecting on all the lessons my mom taught me over the years. Some were very intentional, and planned out, while the other lessons, some of which were the most important, were the subtle ones. To know my mom is to know a kind, caring person who strives to find the best in everyone.  Growing up, she used to get so frustrated with me when I’d speak ill of others, and would always encourage me to work harder, as she saw ability in me I never thought was there. She was also my greatest cheerleader, and one of my favorite memories of growing up in our big, old house in Watrous was the picture she kept of me on her dresser. It was a picture of me water skiing, which she knew was my favorite thing to do as a teenager. When I was doing that, she knew I was confident, happy, and free of my self-doubt. She is like this with everyone in her life, from all of her children, to her grandchildren, to her family and friends. She understands the importance of relationships, and I love to see her laughing and chatting with her brother and sisters when they come to visit, or to listen to her stories on Sunday after she gets home from church. She has always had a great visit with someone, or heard a valuable message from the sermon.

This is what today has me thinking of, critical relationships. On Thursday, part of our school family had a chance to share just a snippet of the incredible work going on at #WaldheimSchool. While we did talk a little bit about learning, after all, that’s the business we are in, our main focus was on the relationships that have been formed between the learners in our building. We talked about the relationships between kids, between adults, and between kids and adults. Our story revolved around the work we do with our vulnerable learners, and while the team would have said the message was about how it helps our students, what I heard was how it helped the adults. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from lending a helping hand, and while the kids we help certainly benefit and grow from our work, its that personal growth we sometimes overlook.

This is the video we showed to start our presentation.

People have asked what’s so special about #WaldheimSchool, and you do not need to look  any farther than the bond that is so strong between all of our family members. As we head into the home stretch, and are dealing with learners who may be feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, let’s remember the power of relationships, and the gift we all bring with us every day. After all, it’s like my mom always told me, “look for the good in others, and always lend a helping hand when you can.”

Here’s what lies ahead this week:


  • staff meeting with 3 more amazing presentations (please see agenda sent on Friday)
  • classroom visits: asking kids, “what are you struggling with, and how is that helping you learn?”


  • classroom visits: asking kids, “what are you struggling with, and how is that helping you learn?”
  • Bruce at a classroom environment meeting (after school)


  • Bruce away at appointments
  • 7 – 12 Track & Field at Griffith’s Stadium


  • classroom visits: asking kids, “what are you struggling with, and how is that helping you learn?”
  • SCC Election Day


  • classroom visits: asking teachers, “are you enjoying your prep day?” 🙂

As always, create a great week!

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