School Community Council

 Traditions Elementary School Community Councils

A primary link between the home, community and school

Our School Community Council (SCC) supports student learning success and well-being and encourages parent and community involvement in the school. Prairie Spirit School Division believes that involvement with SCCs is a rewarding and meaningful activity for parent and community members.

SCC Minutes – October 2020

SCC Minutes – November 2020

SCC Minutes – December 2020

SCC Minutes – January 2021

Your 20/21 Traditions Elementary SCC is: 

  • Kim Kenke, Chair (
  • Quinton Osatchuk, Vice-Chair (
  • Brittney Ollivier, Secretary 
  • Shelby Smith, Treasurer 
  • Leanne Jensen, Volunteer coordinator 
  • Carlene Bacon-Peterson 
  • Angela Kondra 
  • Tayona Wheeler 
  • Adin Dereniwski, PSSD Trustee 
  • Greg Tebay, Principal (
  • Daniel Howie, Vice Principal 
  • Twyla McNeil, Teacher  


Successful schools don’t just happen. They need parent and community involvement!