At Colonsay School WE BELIEVE the primary purpose for all assessment and evaluation experiences is to support and improve student learning while informing teacher instruction.

Guiding Principles of Student Asseement

  1. Include only academic achievement.  Exclude student behaviours in grades (effort, participation, attendance, adherence to class rules, etc.). Report academic achievement and behaviour separately.
  2. Organize and report evidence by student learning outcomes; avoid organizing information in grading books/records by assessment methods or simply summarize into a single grade.
  3. Provide clear descriptions of achievement expectations/learning outcomes in student friendly language.
  4. Compare each student’s performance to preset student learning outcomes; avoid assigning grades based on student’s achievement compared to other students.
  5. Rely on quality assessments that show evidence of individual learning.
  6. Summarizing information and determining final grade.
  7. Consider the measures of central tendency and use professional judgment; refrain from relying exclusively on the mean.

PSSD Quality Assessment Practices

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