As reporting practice continue to evolve, so too will our Awards Program. The following awards will be presented in June at our Awards Celebration, although the traditional format in which these awards have been presented may be altered:

  • Grade 7/8 Achievement Awards: Students who have consistently met or exceeded curricular standards and have maintained an overall average of 3.0 or higher.
  • Academic Proficiency Awards (9-12): The student who achieves the highest overall average in a specific English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies course.
  • Most Improved Student Awards (10-12): The student who demonstrates the most academic growth from one school year to the next based on his or her overall average.
  • Honour Roll (9-12): Students who maintain an overall average above 80%.
  • Principal’s List (9-12): Students who maintain an overall average above 90%.
  • Sports Awards: Students who demonstrate strong athleticism, leadership, and sportsmanship. The coaches choose these awards.
  • Athlete of the Year Awards: The student who participates in a variety of activities and best exemplifies the qualities of sportsmanship and athletic achievement.
  • Arts Award:  The student who participates and excels in Arts who is also pursuing post secondary education in the field.

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