Student Conduct

Code of Conduct


Colonsay School is the home of the “Colts”. We are Caring, Organized, Learners, Trustworthy and Successful. We strive to create a learning environment where all stakeholders are treated with dignity, respect and fairness. We recognize individual differences and needs and promote tolerance and acceptance of children.

Everyone in the school has the right to feel safe and comfortable working and interacting in the school’s environment. This belief includes being safe from aggressive behaviours, such as bullying, threats, verbal and physical abuse, sexual abuse, racial intolerance, and harassment. To nurture this climate, all stakeholders must maintain an active role and accept responsibility for the well being of the school’s environment and culture. To this end we believe a “Safe School” will be maintained by following this subsequent code of conduct.


  1. Discipline needs to be a process of instruction that teaches the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for individuals to develop self control requiring students to learn to make appropriate choices.
  2. Consequences need to be related to the expected behaviours, logical and natural in nature.
  3. Appropriate classroom rules and expectations will be developed by the teacher and may be unique for every class, but they will be consistent with expected behaviour for the whole school.
  4. The development of self-discipline and responsible behaviour is our desired goal.


As a school, the staff has the following expectations: Students will:

  1. Conform to the rules of the school.
  2. Students will observe established standards of cleanliness, tidiness, deportment and dress code.
  3. Show courtesy, respect and consideration for all others such as their personal space, property and feelings.
  4. Accept responsibility for their actions.
  5. Recognize that with privilege comes responsibility.
  6. Be diligent in their studies.
  7. Attend school regularly in a punctual manner.
  8. Provide self with supplies needed for studies.

Students are reminded that they are responsible to the principal from the time they leave for school to the time they arrive home after school and are responsible to any staff member at anytime anywhere on the school premises or during a school function or event. Wide ranging consequences may be applied depending on the severity of the incident and the frequency of the misbehaviour. Effective discipline also requires the cooperation and support of the home. Parents will often be notified and included in the discipline process.

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