Graduation Requirements

Grade 12 Graduation Requirements

24 credits are required to receive senior matriculation. A minimum of 8 credits are required to have completed standing at the grade 10 level and 16 at the grade 11 level. A minimum of 24 credits is required to graduate, 5 of which must be at the grade 12 level. Courses can be regular (10, 20, 30) –modified (11, 21, 31)- or alternate (18, 28, 38).

Compulsory courses

Grade   10 Grade 11 Grade 12

English A10/11

English B10/11

Science 10/11

Any Math 10/11

History 10/11

Wellness 10

English 20/21

Any Math 20/21

English A30/31

English B30/31

History 30/31

Any Science 20 or 30

Any Social Science 20 or 30

2 Art/PAA Courses

3   Electives 10 level or higher 6   Electives 20 level or higher 3   Electives 30 level or higher

Note: Students may also take other elective courses by distance education with permission. These are delivered online. See the principal for details.

School policy: Students in grade 10 are required to carry a full load of classes. Grade 11 and 12 students may have one spare. Grade 12 students may have the option of a second spare. All program changes must be approved by the principal. Students need to check post-secondary programs for grade 12 course entrance requirements. Many high school courses have prerequisites as well. Planning must begin in grade ten. See your principal for advice.

Independent Study options are available. Please see Mr. Reis if you are interested.

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