Grade 12 News

The Grade 12’s are away this week for Work Experience and are excited to have another week immersed in the “real world”! Grad preparations are beginning to get underway and that is occupying much of their focus. In ELA, we have been working on self-reflective writing and studying literature from around the world. In Biology, the class has just written an exam on biochemistry, while in Physics, they are studying the laws of motion. Last, but certainly not least, in Calculus, they have been calculusing like crazy.

Grade 11 News

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a restful break. In Work Placement Math, we are graphing and in Pre-Calculus we are working on geometric and arithmetic sequences and series. In PAA, we are baking and deco- rating cakes. In IA, we are constructing saw horses. In Chemistry, we have examined the functions of the lab, including lab equipment and safety. We have just begun our Atoms and Elements Unit. In Visual Arts, we are examining the elements of sketching. In ELA/History, we are finishing the book Animal Farm.

Grade 10 News

The Grade Tens are happy to report they have made it through their first ever set of final exams with minimal psychological damage. They’ve put in a good solid two weeks of Semester 2 and are ready for a break! In Wellness, they’re on the verge of starting badminton. Wildlife Management is currently focused on Arctic (and Antarctic) habitats. In math, they’ve been studying surface area and volume of pyramids, cones and spheres. Their History and ELA classes are combined, and they’re currently working on studying worldview within sharing circles. In Commercial Cooking they’ve been planning their first meal – quesadillas, le tots du pomme de terre (tater tots), and juice. Possibly from apples. And finally, in IA, they’ve been finalizing their house layouts in preparation for CAD.

Grade 9 News

Lots of learning this month in grade 9. Our grade nine social studies class is in the midst of an inquiry study on Empire building. The art classes are working on a multimedia project by combining different art forms into one composition. The health section has been investigating the different dimensions of wellness and the pillars of healthy decision making. Mrs. Bain’s ELA class is beginning a study of the novel “Theories of Relativity”. Mr. Kirk’s ELA class is learning about human rights. In math, the students have started solving equations.

Grade 8 News

In Physical Education we are working on individual Bad- minton skills and rules, then some Badminton games while still including some floor hockey. In ELA we are wrap- ping up “Jean Val Jean”, and “Les Miserables”. In Math, Linear Equations have been the hot topics to date. Soon we will be graphing these equations. In Arts Ed. the students are learning about Canadian Art through the ages. In Grade 8 I.A., they are working on drafting Isometric projections. In Grade 8 Home Ec. they are working through flour mixtures using pancake and waffle recipes. In Social Studies, the students are exploring the Government of Canada and Canadian Citizenship. In Health class the students are working on Families and their Relationships. In Science, we are studying about Cells, Tissues, Organs and Body Systems.

Grade 7 News

Grade 7s have started the new semester with a bang! They have begun to explore “Types I-IV and Linear Equations” in math! We have been looking into the theme of “Mystery” in ELA, and will begin a novel study in the following week. In science, the class has been studying “Energy Webs”. Finally, in social, the kids are creating their own community! Sounds like quite the adventure!

On March 11, the Grades 7 and 8 classes will be heading out to Table Mountain for their ski day. It has always been a great day! Thank you to all of our volunteers and chaperones who have signed up! Just a reminder that all chaperones and volunteers do need a criminal record check on file. Please ensure your child’s permission form, waiver and fees are in as soon as possible. Finally, please remind your child to dress appropriately for the trip. It is always more fun when you are warm.

Grade 5 & 6 News

I hope everyone had restful February break. The grade 5/6 class is currently working on literature circles with the main focus on black history and slavery. In Science we are learning about flight, past and present. In Social Studies we are comparing Canada to other European countries. We are continuing to learn about the harmful effects of smoking in Health. We have just begun a unit about music in Art. The grade 6’s will be going on their first team building field trip with the Dundurn grade 6’s on Friday March 6.

Watch for the letter to come home.

Ms. Bishop Moisan and the grade 5/6 class

Grade 3 & 4 News

The 3/4s have been having a great week! We have had a blast skating! Thanks to the parents and grand- parents who have come to tie skates! Both groups are almost finished their cur- rent math unit. The immigration interviews were very well done! I hope each student gained an understanding of what it is like to leave the life you know behind and move to a new country. The students are finished learning about rocks, minerals, and erosion. The last couple of weeks focused on erosion and the effects it has on our landscape. I hope you enjoyed the pictures that were emailed to you. Soil will be our next unit of study.

Grade 1 & 2 News

Well I am sad to say my time in Grade 1/2 and at Hanley School has come to an end. It’s hard to believe 5 and a half months have al- ready passed since the start of this school year. The Grade 1/2s are a busy, energetic, fun and imaginative group of students. They have kept me busy and made the days fly by! Here are a few of the fun things we have en- joyed together during our last few weeks together… Making groundhogs, drinking OJ while listening to OJ (orange juice during Oliver Jeffers stories read by Ms. Burgess), swimming lessons, skating, 100th day party, Valentine’s Day party, and even a visit from a 100 year old Grandma Adelman! I’m sure they will have many more busy times and they will have a great end of their year with Mrs. (Stacey) Romanchuk.

I have had such an amazing time teaching the Grade 1/2s this year and I will miss seeing their smiling faces every day. Thank you so much for all of the support along the way. I will miss this class, school and community very much. Best wishes to all of you.

Take care,
Janet Adelman

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

We are currently enjoying some warmer weather with lots of snow. Outside time has been very fun!

The Ks have been busy with:

  • ELA
    • Animated Literacy -Reader’s Workshop
  • Math
    • going on shape hunts around the school
    • exploring and building basic shapes
    • Quick Draw (exploring shapes)

The 1s are busy with:

  • ELA
    • Lips
    • Reader’s and Writer’s Work- shop
  • Math
    • numbers from 0-100 -number sense

Together we are learning about:

  • our families
  • street safety (including stranger safety)
  • being kind
  • Phys. Ed:
    • cooperative games
    • rolling, kicking, and throwing balls

Skating was so much fun on the 13th. We’ll try to go again be- fore it gets too warm!
Just a reminder that K-5 Report Cards go home at the beginning of March.
As always, pop in to see us any time!

The K/1s and Mrs. Martineau