Grade 6

As the snowy season gets under way the grade 6’s are learning about some of the history of Japan and a young girl named Sadako in ELA. We continue to work on spelling and grammar as well. In Math we are currently learning about patterns and equations. We are almost finished our solar system unit, it has been great

and the students worked very hard to create the solar system in the classroom. In Social Studies, we are still looking around the world and seeing how others live and compare it to how we live. We have also been looking at some of Canada’s history. In health we are finishing up our identity unit by looking at our family history and how parts of our past have contributed to our identity. We will be learning about basketball and continue to play games in Phys. Ed. In Art we have been working with water colours and painting. I hope to see many of you at the Christmas Family Fun Festival on December 12.

Grade 4 & 5

Well it appears as if Winter has officially arrived! We have been reading the novel How to Eat Fried Worms and I am thankful that I have not heard any stories about my students attempting to eat worms! In Social Studies, we just wrapped up our Saskatchewan Heroes Unit and the students created wonderful power point presentations to showcase their hero. We will be starting out new Science Unit on the Human Body very shortly and will soon be studying Christmas Around the World in December. These first few months have seemed to fly by and I am sure the next few will also! Enjoy the snow!

Angela Pozniak
Teacher Grade 4/5 Hanley School

Grade 2 & 3

The Grade 2/3s had a great month! We finished up our Robert Munsch Unit that we loved! We are very excited to get started on our Readers’ and Writers’ Workshops! From December to February, Miss Amy Stefanson will be the Grade 2/3 teacher until Mrs. Romanchuk returns from her mat leave. Miss Martineau will be doing Mrs. Koroll’s mat leave in the K/1 room. She will miss the 2/3s but is excited for this opportunity. Important Date: On December 18, Grades K-3 will be going to the WDM for a Christmas field trip (more details to come!).

Denille Martineau
Teacher Grade 2/3 Hanley School

Kindergarten & Grade 1

November has been a fun month in the K/1 room! The Ks have been exploring patterns in math and the Grade 1s continue to work with numbers to 20. Both grades have been doing lots of creative writing! The Grade 1s are working on writing one to three sentences in their journals and the Ks are drawing pictures that tell a story by including lots of detail. The Grade 1s made homemade paper in art and the group will do some winter art in the next two weeks. My last day is November 29th. I have enjoyed so much getting to know the Ks and working again with the Grade 1s! I am going to miss the kids a lot! Thanks to the families for all of your support this year!

Grade 12

The Grade 12’s have been extremely busy expanding their intellectual horizons. In ELA/SS, they have been learning about First Nations culture and history, as well as reading the novel Three Day Road. In Chemistry, they have been studying Rate of Reactions, and in Math they are learning Trigonometry. Most of the Grade 12’s are also very busy with Football, Volleyball, and SRC and they have all done a great job stepping up into leadership positions within the school.

Grade 11

These are busy days in the grade eleven’s school life. The theme for gym is skills- volleyball, golf, football and beginning basketball. In math class, we have been working on sine and cosine laws, as well as, acute trigonometry. In biology, we have been studying ecological organizations such as food chains and habitats. We have been learning about the first World War and the poems written by the soldiers. In physics we are learning about the characteristics of waves. Busy times!!!!

Grade 10

Warning! Several Grade 10’s have been issued their Learner’s Licenses! If you were go- ing to panic, now’s the time! In other news, the grade 10’s have been busy with a variety of curricular and extra- curricular activities so far this fall. In between bumping, setting and spiking, as well as

tackling and catching expertly thrown passes, showing up at the school at 6:30 in the morning to practice and break down film, they’ve been studying sustainability of ecosystems, doing projects on bullying, taking pictures, gluing wooden boxes together in IA, fitness testing and learning how much money comes off their paycheques to fund things like CPP and EI. If you’re out of breath at the end of that sentence, just think how they feel! Take care and have a great month!

Grade 9

We hope this newsletter finds you well. We are still really enjoying ourselves in grade nine. There is so much happening. In fact, we just returned from a field trip to Wanuskewin. It was amazing. Really. Have you been there? If not, you should.

Mr. Howie continues to impress with his wit and wisdom in Mathematics and Science. We’ve been learning how to handle exponents as well as getting ready to present our research findings on elements. You can find them on the Periodic Table. Have you ever seen the periodic table? If not, you should. Ancient civilizations, current events and the connections between the two continue to dominate our discussions in Social Studies. In ELA, we are reading Romeo and Juliet. It is an incredible story on so many levels. Have you ever read it? If not, you should.

“Take your Kids to Work Day” is approaching, so please help us remember to bring our forms in ASAP.

Well there really is a lot more we could tell you but it’s as though after reading this some of you may have quite a bit to do, so we’ll let you go.

Grade 8

The unit we are on in Home Ec. is Baking Basics, so yummy things like; pancakes, biscuits, muffins and cookies. While in Social Studies, we continue to explore various cultures and the elements which are universal to all cultures. In ELA we are working through a thematic unit on the “Edge of Survival”. In Health, we just finished watching the

documentary Super-Size Me. Next we will begin a group project on promoting fitness to children. In Math we are completing Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem. Physical Education is starting fitness testing and finishing Volleyball. We will also soon start Tchoukball and indoor soft-lacrosse in early Nov. I.A. is completing Isometric projections and Computer

Assisted Drafting. In Science we are looking at the Cells, tissues & organs unit. Specifically, looking at osmosis & diffusion through a cell membrane. In Art class we just finished textured landscapes

Grade 7

Things continue to be busy in the Grade 7 room. In ELA, the boys continue to study the novel, Escape From Home. The girls continue to study the theme, Science Fiction. Math has both groups looking at Patterns and Relationships. In social, the Grade 7 class will be exploring “Cooperation and Interdependence in North America”. In science, the students are studying rocks and minerals and further their research about the” Earth’s Crust”.

Every year, the Grade 7 class takes its first field trip in October. I had originally intended to try for Oct. 19th, but scheduling conflicts have not allowed this to be the case. Therefore, we will be heading to Saskatoon for bowling and swimming early in November. We will be planning a bake sale to help offset costs for the trip. Please look for a note home in the next week or two to clearly outline our trip and fundraising efforts.