Grade 9 News

Nothing Says Christmas like a good ole Limerick, so here’s a sample of some Holiday Limericks written by the Grade Nine class.

Grade nine is surprisingly fun
Our classes can’t be out done
I’m so glad I’m in it
I love every minute
It’s too bad that Christmas
has come.
By: Erika

The New Year is about to come
For the tests their will be a ton
Grade 9 is a blast
But it’s going too fast
2013 will be fun.
By: Luke

On Christmas, there’s presents galore,
We open them and sit on the floor,
The presents are open
But still I am hopin,
That Mom and Dad bought me some more.
By: Jackson and the Math Club

Oh Grade nine. There’s nothing above it.
Disagree and I’ll tell you to shove it!
I’ll stand in the hall
And yell out for all!
“I love it, I Love it! I Love it!”
By: Jesse

Happy Holidays from the Grade Nines!

Grade 10 News

Ever have one of those years where it seems like Christmas should already be here? Yep, us too! Although the holidays are almost upon us (or may already be upon us, depending on when you’re reading this), there’s still a bunch to do until they get here! In Math, the 10’s are busy studying Similar Polygons. Sci-Fi thrillers like 1984, and Lockdown are being read in ELA. Science is now focusing on Chemistry, which has produced a lot of interesting reactions (sorry for the bad pun)! In IA, the builders are frantically trying to finish up their projects, while their compatriots in Home Ec are making delicious Christmas baking (like iced sugar cookies and homemade chocolates, which have Mr. H. dropping by more  often than usual). In Wellness, the end of Basketball is nigh (which may or may not have been predicted by the Mayans – can some- body check their calendar?), while the advent of floor hockey is up- on us. And finally, in Wildlife, they’ve been studying bears and other fur-bearing animals! Conclusion – definitely fuzzy. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Grade 11 News

Christmas is coming, and this is the week of exams in the Grade 11 class. In biolo- gy, we are having an exam on the diversity of life and then….. an exam in physics on refraction. If it is not an exam, we are presenting our independent projects in Social Studies. After all that, we have time for reading, the book Thief, in ELA. Parabolas are where it’s at in math. Lastly we round it out with fun times in Phys Ed.

Grade 12 News

The Grade Twelves’ are just finishing up their Math units on Logarithms and Tessalations. We are coming to the end of our Acid and Bases unit in Chemistry. In English/ History, we have started a new unit on Building a Nation, and the formation of the nation of Canada.


Grade 12

Ah..Grade 12, what a hard year it’s been thus far from being constantly worked without pay. Our fingers worked to the bone, some of us suf- fer from sleep deprivation due to our nightmares of essays and tests. We start the day off with English/Social Studies, trying to master the pen and expand our social perspective on Canadian issues. Then there is third class, which is chemistry: just when you think Mrs. Prakash’s voice will give out from the constant prodding and encouraging directed at unwilling teenagers, she finds someone else to do it for her: Mr. Howie teaches us about equilibriums while watching over us with a stern gaze, a trick believed to be taught to him by his mentor, by Mrs. Prakash. After a short lunch break, we are then herded in to Mr. Herman’s room to be lectured on the finer points of pre-calculus 30 by Mr. Bartsch. As we are tested mentally, physically and emotionally during this hour, it is a wonder no one manages to lose their composure, although outbursts of crying aren’t uncommon, due to release of stress caused by the constant barrage of radians and identities. Finally to end the day, we are thrust into Mr. Tyndall’s domain. Through the haze of sawdust and screams, we are pressed to complete a master piece, of which none of us can even begin to comprehend. Although we are sometimes lost for days in the vastness of the shop, with nothing to survive on but small chunks of 2×4, amazingly we all still survive…for now.

Grade 11

Winter is here and Christmas is right around the corner. Classes are busier than ever. In Foundations 20, we are learning about statistics. We have just begun the Diversity of Life Unit in Biology. In Physics, we are learning the laws of reflection in plane and curved mirrors. We are having a blast playing sports, and doing yoga, in Gym. In English and Social Studies, we are presenting projects on the history of something we are interested in. We also worked together to plan the schools Remembrance Day ceremony.

Grade 10

Well, the grade 10’s have been pretty busy. There’s only a quick breathing spot as football and volleyball wind up and basketball (which they’re also studying in Wellness right now) gets under- way. Which kind of brings to mind the Challenges unit that they’re just finishing up in ELA. And have you noticed the temperature getting colder outside? These kids will be able to convert fluently between Fahrenheit and Celsius, thanks to Mr. Bartsch in Math class. They’ve finally written their final exam in Driver’s Ed, so keep an eye open in and around Hanley for our new drivers. In science, they’re learning about motion and acceleration – hopefully they won’t be testing out extreme acceleration in Driver’s Ed anytime soon! And finally, they’re wrapping up their projects in IA, and putting the finishing touches on their quilts in Home Ec. Was that Christmas music I just heard?

Grade 9

We have really enjoyed our November, and life, both in and out of school, continues to be very busy. Our Football and Volleyball seasons were very successful and now that they’ve wrapped up, we’re getting excited for Basketball and Curling. The annual Take our Kids to Work Day was really successful and we were able to develop a new appreciation for our parents and how hard they work each day.

In ELA, we’ve finally finished Romeo and Juliet. (We loved it) Now we are embarking on our own Independent Novel Studies. In Social Studies we are continuing to delve deep into Ancient Civilizations. Amazing. They are almost as amazing as our current civilization which we find ourselves also discussing at great lengths.

We have been recruited by the Christmas Festival folks to prepare backgrounds for the Family Portraits and we are honored to be a part of what will no doubt become treasured family heirlooms for you and yours.

Our Element Exploration is wrapping up in Science class and Mr. Howie continues to show us the magic of Mathematics. He’s doing a great job. Mr. Tucker continues to give us good healthy leadership in Health class and from the office. Phys. Ed, Home Ec and IA continue to be our favorites, but who can blame us? Well, we’ll let you go, because we know you likely have to start your Christmas shop- ping! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Mr. Graham.

Grade 8

In Social Studies they are completing a section on “Culture” and will soon be starting a new Unit on “Canadian Identity”. In Industrial Arts they have started designing wood projects, such as mirrors. In Home Ec. the boys have started sewing with sewing machines and are starting to make pyjama pants. In Health/Guidance they are examining eating disorders and are busy promoting physical activity to children at lunch hour by organizing and playing games with younger students. In Math they are working with Integers and having a Unit test late in the week of Nov 19th. In Science they are studying about “Organ Systems”. Physical Education has started a Basketball Unit and is continuing a games unit with Tchukball amongst others.

Early in the New Year a winter activities unit will start over at the curling/skating rink and organizing to get a pair of skates will be beneficial, but a helmet is required. Even if the student borrows or shares with another student from another grade would be appreciated. The ELA class has begun studying the novel called “The Outsiders”.

Grade 7

This month in Grade 7 we saw a few big changes. Miss Adelman has joined our class while Mrs. Bain is away on ma- ternity leave. She is excited to be here and get to know everyone better!

In ELA, the girls are continuing to work on the theme Science Fiction and are currently studying the novel Dust. The boys just finished a book called, Escape from Home and are now working on a final project. In Social we are finishing up the unit on “Cooperation and Interdependence in North America”. In Science, we are wrapping up a unit on “Earth’s Crust”. We will be having a unit test this week. In Careers, we have been exploring different types of jobs and will now be looking at how to make a resume. In Math, the girls are finishing up a unit on Integers and the boys are just beginning to learn about Integers. The girls will be having a Math test on Tuesday, Nov. 20. The girls are also learning to router in I.A. and are really enjoying it!

At the end of November or early December, we will finally, have our swimming and bowling field trip. Notes will come home with more information on the field trip and fundraising efforts when Miss Adelman knows more details.

Note from Miss Adelman:
I am very excited to be teaching the Grade 7’s for the rest of the year! I have enjoyed getting to know your child so far and look forward to getting to know them better throughout our time together. I will be contacting all parents just to say “hello”, introduce myself, and let you know how things are going so far. I hope to talk to everyone before the end of November so please expect a call from me in the next couple of weeks! I am looking forward to talking with all of you and if you have any questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to contact me at 544-2511. -Janet Adelman