SRC News

The SRC has been gearing up for Spring, despite the weather. Maybe our sunny themes will encourage mother nature to follow suit? Hanley school just finished spirit week, which lead up to the Spring Fling dance on the 26th. We bought some new lights to add some flair to the affair. We have some fun stuff planned for warmer days, so keep your fingers crossed! Until then, keep warm and stay frosty!

Grade 12 News

As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Grade 12’s are planning, and sincerely looking forward to Graduation. In ELA, we are reading and interpreting the novel Brave New World. In Calculus, we are learning about derivatives and in Foundations, we are covering economics. In Phys. Ed. , we get the opportunity to improve our physical fitness, and in Biology, we are covering genetics. In Physics, we are learning about gravitated energy, and we even have students participating in online courses like Psychology and Exercise Science.

Grade 11 News

Here is a day in the life of the grade elevens. We begin with precalculas, in which we are fac- toring quadratic equations. Next comes biology, where we are talking about populations and starting our giving back projects.

We are preparing for our chemical compound exam in Chemistry. In Home Ec we are beginning our International Food projects and in IA, we are working on our CAD projects. In Media Studies, we are analyzing TV shows through the decades, while working on our movies. So that’s a day in Grade 11. We are anxiously waiting for summer, no wait spring!!

Grade 10 News

Well, since we can’t go outside (ok, we CAN go outside, but since when do we have to worry about the wind chill factor AND the UV index AT THE SAME TIME!!!) – sorry. Anyway, I’ve decided that we’re doing a scramble – I’ll mix up the name of the class with the explanation of what they’re doing and YOU have to figure out what class it is! This is as close as a math teacher comes to having fun with letters outside of algebra and alpha-ghetti. In Thma, the grade 10’s are working on perfect squares and perfect cubes. In ALE, they’re studying racism and the holocaust. In Lifewild Mentmanage (ok, I didn’t try very hard on that one) they’re focusing on wilderness survival skills. In Sellnews, they’ve started doing Track and Field. In AI, the

industrious (that’s a clue!) little leaners are learning the art (that’s another clue) or Computer Assisted Drafting. In Osicla, they’ve been examining the political spectrum of Canada. And finally, in Mmercialco Okingco, the meal this week will be Chicken Noodle Soup with Red Lobster TM style biscuits and Puffed Cakes of Wheat.

Grade 9 News

Grade Nine continues to roll on and we continue learning, living and loving. We’ll give you a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to this month. We’ve finished our novel study of A Long Way Gone in ELA and that has opened up many doors for learning in Social Studies. We’ve discussed and studied Sierra Leone, conflict diamonds, child soldiers and explored regions of the world where natural resource wealth is being exploited at the high expense of human rights. Now in ELA, we are looking at the true story of a boy named Chris McCandless who sold his car, gave his college savings to charity, changed his identity and went into the Alaskan wilderness to live…and die. It’s an amazing story with a lot for us to think about. Our paper mache masks are pretty much wrapped up and it goes without saying that our Hat Festival preparations are about to get underway. Health class continues to challenge us, as we are having honest and candid discussions about what it’s like to be a teenager in 2013. It’s not easy, but apparently it never has been. Meiosis is the name of the game in Science class and Math class lives up to its name by serving us with the latest in math and math related ideas. Badminton in Phys Ed, cooking in Home Ec, and small engines in IA fills in the rest. All good stuff.

The annual Grade 9 camping trip is scheduled for June 5, 6 and 7, 2013. We’ll be starting our in-class preparations this week and sending information home. Parents, we need lots of parent help, so please see what you can do about coming on the trip with us. The more the merrier.

Grade 8 News

In Grade 8 I.A., the boys are working on their woods projects. In Grade 8 Home Ec. the girls are working on sewing. Math is covering ratios, rates, and percentages. In Science, the class is looking at the effects of forces in and on objects in fluids, including

the buoyant force. In Social Studies, the students are researching and analyzing Citizenship. In ELA, we are still working on a novel study called “The Giver”. In Health class, the students continue to work on Decision Making. Currently, they are on Habit

6 – “Synergize” and then finally on to the last Habit 7 “Sharpen the Saw”. In Physical Education we are impatiently waiting for Spring so we can start Track and Field. We are filling the time with extra games dreaming of heat and the outdoors.

Grade 7 News

In ELA, the girls are currently working on a Humour unit and are having lots of laughs! In Math, they are continuing to work on a unit on Circles and Areas and are learning lots about finding areas of different shapes. In ELA, the boys are working on acting out a play and are making story boards for each scene. In Social Studies, both groups having a more in depth look at the Canadian government. In Science they are completing their Heat Capacities and Applications unit. In Home Ec., the girls are just about done sewing their stuffies by hand! In I.A., the boys are working practicing different wood working skills and are working on their clocks. In PE, the class is patiently waiting for spring so they can start their track and field outside! They are playing indoor gym games in the meantime. We are all looking forward to the temperatures warming up and spring finally arriving!

Grade 6 News

The Grade 6 class is still patiently awaiting nice weather. We have wrapped up several units and are starting new ones. In ELA we are reading a novel, The Slave Dancer. We are learning about fractions, decimals and percent in Math. In Social Studies, we have begun a new unit about Power and Authority. In Science we are going to be starting Electricity. Thanks to everyone who contributed to out potluck from around the world. It was fantastic!! We will be starting some fundraising right away to assist in our trip to Moose Jaw to see the tunnels on June 4.

Grade 4 & 5 News

We in Grade 4/5 are all look- ing forward to spring finally arriving, and hope that you are enjoying the weather as it slowly warms up. We defi- nitely are! The Grade 4/5 class have begun studying a few new topics this month. We are learning about the three levels of Canadian government in Social Studies. In ELA, we continue to practice our language skills and we are exploring poetry. We have also started our novel study of Coraline. In Science we are exploring the exciting world of SOUND! So far we have made homemade kazoos to learn about sound waves and learned about pitch using the strings of a violin, and there are many more exciting activities ahead! We are also learning about eating well in Health. The Grade 4s are doing very well on their Fractions & Decimals unit so far. I continue to be blown away by the great ideas and unending creativity of these students! Finally, we would like to CONGRATULATION Mrs. Pozniak, on the safe and happy arrival of her baby boy, Kade! We can’t wait to see more pictures.

Grade 2 & 3 News

Wow, only two months of school left! Time has sure been flying by! In ELA, we will soon be wrapping up our poetry unit. The students have done a wonderful job with their writing! So far, we have written and published haiku, triplet, diamante, alphabet, and acrostic poems. We will be learning about one or two more poems, and then constructing our poetry anthology. As mentioned in last month’s letter, if there are any pictures to decorate the student’s acrostic poem about themselves, please send them in the next week. Just remember to send something that can be cut out and glued onto their poem.

We are also starting guided reading centers in ELA that we will continue to work on until the end of the year. In math, the grade two’s are just beginning a unit on geometry, while the grade three students are learning about data management with Mr. Woods-Fehr. In science, we will soon finish our habitat research project. The students have researched their individual habitats and are now writing their reports which they will share with the class in the next couple of weeks. We also talked about creating a small representation of their habitat to share with the class as well. Please help your child create this at home and send it to school for May 6, when we will start presenting our projects. A small box, such as a shoebox would work for creating this representation. I also have a few cheesecake boxes if you do not have something at home that would work. Students can paint, build their habitat out of clay, or use toy models as some examples for their project. Please don’t spend a lot of money, but be creative with what you have at home if possible. Please include what the habitat looks like, as well as maybe some animals and plants that you may find there. Thank you for your help with this fun project!